Two Watercolors Hanging

I have added not one but two Watercolors I did to the local Gallery here in Exeter NH that I belong to.  Seacoast Artist Association which sits at the end of Swasy Park, downtown.

I have been creating so much art it is crazy but I must not complain as it is good for me to chill with wet paper and my brushes.  Working on new website as well in my free time 🙂

Mom had her 5th surgery on her knees yes we have but two so 4 on the right and hopefully the only one just done on her left.  I got bad news last week as well seems all the pain in my own knees while caring for her was not just what I was doing I need two knee replacements and I am not 60 for 2 more weeks 😦  Guess I beat the hell out of them jumping out of my rig and with DNA seems it was bound to happen.  The dog needs surgery as well so after Mom then her then it will be spring and I will do at least one of mine and heal out in the sun here.

In a few weeks the garden club I am in will attend the Boston Flower Show now if you have been following me for even a little while you know I can not wait though winter so far here in New England has been OK 🙂  some snow and this weekend brutal outside with dangerous windchills but sunny.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone
Stay Safe too!purple trees

17 thoughts on “Two Watercolors Hanging

  1. OMG ! Eunice, yours and your dear mothers health problems seem to be never ending. Anyway I hope all goes well with your knee surgery. Love the paintings . You are getting a real professional and I hope you sell well. I remember your birthday is March 5th and I am going to send you a birthday e card so check your email messages on that day. O.K. xx

      1. no just looking forward to making it to 60 🙂 Mom comes home this Tuesday YEAY so far so good and being released early too 🙂 I believe in prayer xo

    1. Thanks I have so much fun painting scenes from my head and yes I must care for me 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Happy Valentine’s to you as well Eunice! I really feel sorry with all the health issues you have to deal with on an on going basis, I hope everything will turn out well! Beautiful painting, love purple! Much love and hugs to you and you mom!~Eva

    1. Thanks honey we are tough old birds though 🙂 I have heard so many tell me not to wait in pain for years like my mom there is life to be lived so I will do it soon enough 🙂

      1. My 2 shots worked for the interim and I had a great time at the Feb 14 art party I have two I worked to frame nicely that I will add this Sat. to gallery for next month’s theme show 🙂

    1. Thanks Dor. I can not wait for it to stay warm enough outside to sand frames white wash and distress them 🙂 getting excite for spring and will take some of my photography and watercolors and get in waiting line to show at my local hospital I am now ready 🙂

    1. We are going in a group of 5 this year 🙂 on Wednesday! Our garden club can not wait as well though we wish for less vendors and more blooms we will go to the No Name for lunch before loading bus to head back to NH 🙂

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