Winter’s Kiss

11 thoughts on “Winter’s Kiss

  1. Hi Eunice, Your hair looks really good and suits you. You are lucky you have no grey ones. I was grey at the age of 35. I used to dye it to my original auburn colour but got fed up having to do this every three weeks so stopped, and was amazed just how much grey hair I had. Now it is the colour you see on my photo. Now would you believe the young girls want to dye their hair grey nowadays.
    Thanks for the e mail. Happy New Year x

    1. Thanks and Happy New Year again. I used to dye my hair with silver rinses crazy girl lol now can’ find a gray soon I am sure

  2. Very pretty! I love to paint watercolors and enjoy seeing what others create with their canvas and paint. You’ve definitely captured the look of winter. 🙂 I admire your lovely textures.

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