Wishing You All The Very Best

Hi Everyone!

Life is moving too quickly at this time of the year I am already missing the long lazy days of summer and all that lovely light.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving a very long day for me but so worth my effort.  Got up early add the cold sausage stuffing to my cold turkey and place it into the oven to roast while I drove down to my Moms  to take here and all of her tools like wheel chair, walker and even the toilet well some stand alone one with legs no good for stairs or sitting on chairs with no arms for leverage I wanted her to feel safe here.  so one hour down and one hour back safe and sound.  She then made the gravy for us and I did more preparing and readying the place for a small feast.

I invited a friend who is in our garden club with me to join us as well.  The dog was so happy to have so many people around the table.  The meal came out perfect and we had so much to be thankful for as surly you all did.  After all the desert had been tried I loaded her things back into the car for the hour ride back south this time I took the dog to keep me company on the way home.  Like I said very long day but so happy she could hang out at my peaceful place one more time as it had been years since her last visit shortly after we lost Dad.

On my way back down to Moms my friend and I finished what she had started for decorations around town while Mom and the dog watched from the car.  All lit and off we went.

The world is so scary these days and it makes me that much more  grateful for days like we enjoyed.  I hope you are all safe in light of the world’s uncertainty.  Stay aware of your surroundings as the holy holidays are upon us for there are those who want nothing more to take that from us.  Lone wolfs or full fledged attacks no one is safe.  I hate war.  I hate that countries  continue to posture and display might to the detriment of so many others.  Taking freedoms from anyone is just not right.  Can you imagine if there ever was to be Peace On Earth Goodwill Towards Men.

May you be filled with Joy and wrapped in Love we all deserve that.AdobePhotoshopExpress_91aa4982322245f093cc5bdd56146e95

I also had over 14 inches of hair cut off so I could donate it to #LocksofLove for a child to receive a wig should they want one.    I love my new grown-up hair cut lol

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Everyone

25 thoughts on “Wishing You All The Very Best

    1. XO Thanks Bette you know those wishes are head right back up 95 north to you and yours xo

  1. Happy Holidays to you and yours as well Eunice! You’re right we have so many things to be grateful and Peace would just be perfect for the entire humanity!
    Love your new hair style and you are very considerate to donate your locks for somebody in need for it, beautiful gesture! Many blessings to you!

    1. Hi Eva thanks as it grew and grew and I kept putting it up in a clip I decided to grow it with a true purpose instead of being lazy 🙂 It was so beautiful I pray they could use it and make someone happy as cancer is a horrible thing to fight.

  2. Hi Eunice, Merry Xmas to you and family also .So pleased your mom is up and about and enjoying life with you again its been a long haul for you both. I certainly hope the New Year will be better for you. John and I wish you well. Your haircut is absolutely lovely Eunice and it really suits you, and the hair you have donated will certainly do someone proud. So I will thank you on behalf of those who will need it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS XX

    1. Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays right back to you and John HUGS
      Thank you as well it was well past the time for a new “DOO”

  3. Merry Christmas to you !! I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is hard to believe the year is almost gone. A new fresh year coming. Always so much promise !!! Love the new hair style, wish I had the courage to do that, it really looks nice on you !!!

    1. Thanks OMG if you hate dealing with your HAIR google haircuts then for length and age my hairdresser thought I was nuts! lol she was scared but I said give me the scissors! 🙂

    1. They sent me a beautiful Thank You card too I was surprised hope who ever get s mine loves it 🙂 25+ years since I saw natural color 🙂

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