I know it has been awhile since my last post but

but WP not letting me LIKE your posts but will let me comment odd very odd anyone know what I maybe doing wrong?

Mom is now 80.  She made it!  We all had had our doubts after this long year of medical woes.  We took her out to a wonderful place in Salem NH called the Tuscan Kitchen where we all made wonderful food choices and loved them all.  They have more openings happening so if you live near one, pop in!  Check them out online too  maybe just to drool lol I had a half order of 2 different pasta plates one made with butternut squash the other wild mushrooms I was a very happy girl.

So to catch you up even more with this horrific year of failed surgeries and all we did to keep mom safe, I still have no gray hairs as I approach 60 in March, so in a week I will donate my, now very long hair, to Locks for Love.  I will go very drastic with either a Pixie, Bob or Stacked Bob hmmmm maybe a Shag.  Out with the old in with the new lol I am excited!

I still paint but not as I once did.  I have been busy around here(home) what with my man building a race care for my friend, well just the metal parts within to keep him safe, out on the quarter mile track at over 150 mph.  I want to take just one run 🙂
I worked this summer with a few of the Garden club members on our local plantings adding Roses and Ornamental Grasses to each planting so they will be less care in the future. I did very little here but mow since we had dry conditions for most of the growing season.

We did take a ride to see Fall Color in Vermont.  It was a 400 mile trip that it took days for us to recover from but I want to see my country again so I better work back up to sitting with bent knees a little more so I do not end up like mom.

Hoping I can catch up on your blogs and leave a like if not I will see if I can leave a comment and even get yours.

Here is a few shots I still have on my computer to share.


Autumn In Vermont

Watercolor on 140# cp
Watercolor on 140# cp

Fabricating A Roll Cage and Inside

My 1st attempt with watercolor canvas
My 1st attempt with watercolor canvas

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    1. I think about you as well when I see you on g+ are you on my friend list on FB I can do that from phone 🙂 Eunice Miller/Folsom Mill Studio either one works (one photo is my watercolor the other of my cute dog in fall photo
      I have let it grow and grow for this one purpose to help another and before I get a gray hair 🙂

      1. Yes, I looked and I had liked your page, did you friend me, Stephanie Youmans Wilson, that way we can keep up with each other !!! I clicked to get your notifications, somehow I had not clicked on that, but I did just now !!! Now as for your personal one, it did not give me an option to send a friend request, so I sent you a note to your OTHER message file, they wanted me to give them a dollar to send it to your regular message , I had never had facebook do thatbefore , I was shocked !! Maybe you can friend me, but I could not find a place to click to send you a friend request on your personal facebook !!!

  1. Hi Eunice, glad to see you back online.As you can see you have been missed. I do so hope your mom continues to improve and she does not need any more surgery. What’s the actual date of your birthday then ? Love your paintings which are fantastic since you first started, which has not been too long ago. Take care.

    1. From your lips to God’s ears no more surgery though if she lives longer she will need a new left knee repair 😦 right now I will try to forget that part. March 5th 🙂 I will turn 60 I am so excited! Yes one year of just painting and having some great fun though anything I do I go all in 🙂 See you to catch up soon xo

  2. Nice to see ya back, I myself just returned back to WP as well after a long hard summer. Happy to hear that your Mom is doing well and that you feel excited about yourself as well. Lovely thought to donate your hair, believe me I know how it feels for somebody who is on the road of recovery, it will make a big difference! Lovely painting and great shots! Take care! 🙂

    1. HUGS coming your way I am so sorry Eva. I found out on my google chrome I could not get to others blogs but used mine Windows 10 and it opened 🙂 Welcome back!

  3. So good to hear from you Eunice! Congratulations to your Mom! You’ve had a tough year, but you have all made it through so far. Wish you all the best! 🙂 xx

  4. Glad your Mom is better. Be sure and post a picture after your new hair-do! By the way, it may be either your browser or if you are not logged in to WP, the reason you are having ‘like’ issues… Because non WP users cannot ‘like’ a post… Diane

    1. Thanks for the heads up 🙂 I can from my windows 10 but from Chrome I can not 😦 I will see if stylist can take a photo of her work 🙂

    1. So nice to hear from you 🙂 I hope you are in a better place. HUGS OMG I can not wait till the forth it will be a pixie or stacked bob or shag will depend on my mood but after waist length anything will be better 🙂 xo

    1. From your lips to God’s ears I begged my mother to use common sense till Jan. 1st so we can enjoy the coming holidays lol

  5. So good to hear from you, and it’s good to know that you are out and about, calling those beautiful fall colors. My daughter donates to Locks of Love, a great idea, and it’s fun to have a change. Best wishes, Eunice.

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