Caring For Mom

Well she came home from a stint in rehab after her fourth surgery on her right knee.  It is fused in the straight position which makes it hard to stand up or sitting or getting into bath tub but hey the leg is still there right 🙂

So I was here on Tuesday to watch her walk up her stairs for the first time since January she stepped over the threshold and said “I’m Home!”  Big smile on her face the nightmare behind her and now to get strong and heal.  So I have moved here to help settle her in and schedule her appointments so once the ball is rolling I can go back home and come down to shop and have a meal with her but for there to be rest so healing happens I will have to be gone as it is too easy to just lean on me and get lazy. It is scary and very painful but I am strong and so she feels she must be as well.  She will be 80 in October I think that calls for a huge party 🙂

I am missed I can assure you by all who love me but since they love me they knew I had to try to be there for her after all of the BS that has gone on.

I paint and weed then cook and clean then eat and laugh and talk about the old days and I miss you all and am now finding time to try once again to catch up with you little by little I will.

11 thoughts on “Caring For Mom

  1. Take your time and don’t worry Eunice we aren’t going anywhere. Glad to hear your Mom is home, difficult days ahead, but I know you have the strength and courage to keep on for you, her and your family. Take care and oh yes 80, deserves a big party!! Welcome home to mom and bless you for the incredible journey you’ll be on. I’ve missed your paintings – take care my friend.

  2. Eunice you are such a caring lady and I love how you are looking after your mom with such devotion. Don’t worry we know you will catch up with us when you can so try and relax a little with your mom reminiscing and laughing about the good old days Its Fun ! I can vouch for that, especially when your mom tells you what mischief you got up to when you were a little girl I have fun telling my boys, and they have fun mimicking me when I used to try correcting them.
    Please wish your Mom a very happy 80 the birthday I am there with her. Take care xx

  3. Things are looking up and you are back with us at least when you have moments to spare. Good luck moving forward and best wishes for your Mom’s full recovery.

  4. Happy you could catch us all up !! How wonderful you can help your mom , you will always be happy you were able to do this, and spend this time with her !!! You are a wonderful daughter to your mom !!
    80 years is a big milestone and worthy of a big celebration !!
    Take care and I look forward to hearing how things are going as you have time to write !!!

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