God Is Great and so are you

Mom’s surgery is over today was a day to begin recovery and it was horrible to watch her suffer in horrible pain and me being me I demanded they start caring for my mom as much as I cared for my dog.Β  They got the message and started doing all they could to stop all the break through pain that was gut wrenching to watch as a helpless daughter.Β  So yes big mouths are good πŸ™‚Β  When my brother went after work tonight he said she was in a better place and enjoying a North End Cannoli yes from the North End of Boston.Β  I can sleep better tonight knowing the insanity will soon be over and she will be sent home where I will do my best 12 to 13 hours a day to see to her needs.Β  Honor thy Mother and Father.

Some good news I got on my way to Boston the two paintings I did and worried about sharing in an art show well the man said the one titled Maine sold today πŸ™‚ show goes till the AUG.1, Β hope I sell both and they love them hung in their home or office πŸ™‚Β  The meet and greet is tomorrow night.

Depending on how life goes I will try to keep up here but by phone it just doesn’t work well for me.

Thanks again everyone

HUGS and Peace

Bee Balm Blooms

8 thoughts on “God Is Great and so are you

  1. I hope all goes well for your Mom Eunice and she recovers much better this time around. Take care, we are thinking of you. Nice you have sold one of your paintings and I’m sure the others will sell also.

  2. Hope that your Mom recovers well, and yes when a loved one is in pain it is up to others to make a little ‘noise’…. So glad that your painting sold too… take care Eunice.. Diane xxx

    1. Thanks Diane I was shocked it sold but Mom was so happy it was a success right out of the gate πŸ™‚

    1. THANKS! She will go into rehab tomorrow I pray the 4th time is the charm πŸ™‚

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