Checking In

Some Down Time Needed
Some Down Time Needed

It is Saturday morning and time for some coffee and run through my blog roll and to let you know life’s twists and turns are still happening but trying to find silver linings all the same.

Mom’s surgery to fuse her leg will be next Wednesday from what she told me about her meeting with surgeon it will be 3 to 4 hours under sedation as they place a rod from her hip down the leg to her ankle wonder how they will account for the inches in height each year 😦  yes I am always left with these type of questions as it is my brother and sister in law that are handling all of moms affairs. I had no car for 2 years so hard to take her to and from constant appointments.

I had a shocking call as well just before the fourth seems I have not heard from my stepson for 2 years and in that time he was addicted to Heroin.  What happened to meting friends for some pizza and beer 😦 the call I received was to let me know he had overdosed and was gone.  Just 42.  Kind of old I thought for such heavy drug use but seems it is all the rage which yes which has me enraged at societies who do nothing to stop the influx of poison on it’s people sort of as if they have the opposite plan 😦  He was laid to rest two days ago no longer will he suffer with feeling so useless and lost that a drug of this caliber could make him feel whole. RIP Jimmy how I wish you were still a little boy.

I still take photos and paint but with all that has been going on it has become somewhat forced as a way to walk away and chill.  I like when it is fun and this has not been a god run on fun.

I did enter 2 of my Watercolors in a Themed Art Show “Coastal  New England” at Seacoast Art Association just to try one out 🙂  I would rather sell each piece for $45.00 and let the buyer mat and frame to their liking.  They will hang till Aug.1st with an Artist Reception on Friday,  the 17th though not sure how my mom will come through surgery so I will not plan on attending unless all goes well.

Hope you are all doing better than me man has it been a rough stretch.

Stay safe and see you soon!

14 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I am so so sorry for your loss and the hard times that you have been facing. I hope your Mom fares well through the surgery but mostly I hope you return to your usual positive self. My thoughts and wishes are with you. Xoxo Dor

    1. Love you and many thanks it has been a tough year to say the least but 90% for her.

  2. Hi Eunice I hope your mom recover’s well from this 4th operation she has been through enough now and needs peace as do you. Thinking of you and yours each day. Take care.

    1. XO Thanks so much I am so scared this time for she is no longer the woman she was back in January 😦

  3. Very sorry Eunice on the loss of your stepson – drug addiction is a life-long struggle and sadly the young of today just don’t get it. Best wishes on your Mom’s surgery – it will be an adjustment for everyone involved. I feel really bad that it been one bad situation after another for you – I sure do hope you catch a break soon and can begin to have some joy enter your world. Take care, you are thought of often ~

    1. HUGS thanks Mary I try to jam as much fun and joy into my days which start and end in thee same way.

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