I Still Try To Unwind

With all the medical stuff going on with all of those I love, I still try to unwind.   Sometimes just getting caught up on the happenings within Facebook and other times I push Mom outside to sit in the sun and throw a toy to JT.  She hurt herself bad and hobbled for 3 weeks.  She is a little better today and with rain coming tonight and into tomorrow I may take her to sit with my Mom all day unless my honey is doing something a lot more fun and she will stay with him.

I do bring my paints in car daily and sometimes the stress I feel has me going out to the car and bringing them in and painting while I watch my mother sleep.  She will be eighty this fall and did her first Watercolor with me last week.  I think she had fun.

I will show you a few of my recent ones and maybe a few photos too I will have to see what is still on my computer to share.

Miss you all


NH State Flower Lilac
NH State Flower
Lilac Reflections
Lilac Reflections
Hurt but still wanted to play with me
Hurt but still wanted to play with me
Watercolor by Eunice
Watercolor by Eunice
Love these tress from my grandparents place in PA.  I have 7 now calling my place home
Love these tress from my grandparents place in PA. I have 7 now calling my place home
now 9 years old where has the time gone :(
now 9 years old where has the time gone 😦

Ok that is it from here for now.

Take care of yourselves.

12 thoughts on “I Still Try To Unwind

    1. Thanks and THANKS boiled Hamburg and white rice doing the trick for belly and I trimmed her nails and bathed her on Sat. when it was gorgeous here she is so spoiled 🙂

  1. Beautiful water colours Eunice, and the flowers so pretty. Say hello to your Mom for me and wish her well. So nice to have your pets about the place. Your dog looks in good health. Poor JT he will receive some hugs I bet. Take care of yourself also. x

    1. I promise I am doing all I can for me first dropped 15 lbs ON PURPOSE lol and on the track to rid myself of the rest I must save my knees at all cost! I am more independent than mom so I know what I would be like 😦 Thanks for thinking of me and I will tell mom Hello 🙂 JT gets hugs as well as her sister the cat each night when I come home they are my pack and of course Ron knows how much I adore him xo

    1. XO Thanks so much we are so lucky indeed to have it to help us through and what I am going through is nothing like mom is or countless others. Keep taking beautiful shots 🙂

  2. Your photos, as usual , are stunning, and your painting is wonderful !! You are very gifted !! I wish your mom the best in her healing !! She is so lucky to have you there to take care of her !! How nice for you to know you are doing something so wonderful for her and getting that time with her . I am happy for you that you can spend time on your art while helping her !!

    1. I am gone from home but it is worth all of our efforts to try to keep her strong even in her weakest of times. Never having ever done this before never sure if what I say and do is best like reminding her how strong she is and to not give up 😦 Thanks for commenting on the shots and art thank goodness we all have eyes to see the pretty parts of a simple day so nice to hear from you I am so scattered these days this has been going on since last Aug. 😦

    1. I try to laugh a lot or I will cry 🙂 Mom fell bad last night broke nothing but a hell of a black and blue forehead 😦 hoping she stops be so stubborn 😦

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