Hi Everyone!

Trying to catch up on life in the world of blogging 🙂  It will be fun reading all I can of yours.

Here are a few updates on my world if you have been following along that is.

May had me busy with Mom daily from 7 AM till 7 PM except days my brother took her into Boston to have her cast changed, about every 2 weeks or so. Last time I posted was on the 17th I think.

With a new Pacemaker keeping my man’s heart beating properly I am still fearful for him who has diabetes, High blood pressure, arteries filling with crud faster than a new diet plan can fix.

He is home and feeling better and just had another birthday which would not have been possible had he not said yes to the surgery.  On the day after his return from hospital stay I rounded the corner to home only to see loose dogs in the roadway and a man on the ground appearing to be looking under his truck but something just said to call out “Hey you OK?”  no reply so I dial 911 and ran to his side with my man leaving JT in the car and joining me.  Others joined in when they saw me run and then yell towards the home where he was parked.  A woman with severe anxiety said she had taken a course long ago in CPR so as the 911 responder and I counted she pumped on his poor chest.  I had seen him take his last breath as his arm slowly fell to the ground, his mother in disbelief kept walking back into the house leaving us with her son.

In the end we would learn he had recent heart issues and had come home to tell his mom “I may make it to my 42 ND birthday” he died the day before and in doing so I hope all the while my man was paying attention and feeling a little more grateful and not thinking of the pain he was in.  I swear I can not make up this life I live.

Now I was so stressed with leaving him home alone to recover while I sat with Mom and called endlessly for her cat Ralfie to come back home. I prayed as well as made promises and got a call from someone who saw his photo on Facebook Missing Pets pages, many of them I added his photo too,  though knowing in my gut he was close and just scared to show himself, indoor only cats are like that but I never gave up.  I filled traps that caught my brother’s cat and a possum but not a gorgeous black cat.

Some were getting angry I am sure for trying to keep mom positive about finding him after all he was just a cat right, well no he was her world.  He kept her going after dad died needing food and fresh litter and lots of hugs how could I tell her to give up when he never gave up on her for those 4 months she spent away from him in hospital and rehab facilities.

So back to the call and the text of a photo of a cat just like him.  He was really just a town away and after 17 days gone surly he could travel the 4 miles in the woods but cross the river I doubt it but I wanted to return him so badly to mom who was loosing her mind with worry as well as her will to get strong and go home.  I went two times to try to coax cat out and into the cat carrier but last attempt with my brother was the saddest.  We had taken 2 cars so he went back home to mom and I travelled in tears to my home arriving long after my due time praying the cage I left would soon have Ralf inside.  I was not home but 5 min. when my brother called to ask me to just go back to that couple’s home and retrieve his carrier.  It was as if I was the only one who believed he would come back to her. I prayed not only for God to show him the way home but closed my eyes on the way home asking my daddy to show the knucklehead the way back to Tom’s home.  So I asked are you giving up too? He then says” actually Ralf is sitting on moms lap as we speak!”.    Are you kidding me I went from such despair to such joy all within moments HE WAS HOME!

Seems his daughter was in a new car with her boyfriend who was learning to clutch again and as he stalled out the headlights stayed on and they saw his beautiful green eyes shining brightly just 2 doors down on steps that looked just like the ones he ran down as he had made his escape. They came home got a towel to wrap/catch him in and he was home!  He was so emaciated having lost 1/3 of his weight and his hind leg was out of its socket but he was in moms lap.
Now to get them both on their feet and as healthy as they can be with her almost 80 and him next weekend turning 15.

Oh and I think I see my first gray hair growing at my hairline in front, stayed tuned more to come trust me lol


Forgot to upload his AFTER photo sorry I will add later.

13 thoughts on “Hi Everyone!

  1. What a relief. What a miracle that your Mom’s cat was found and reunited with the family! You are the anchor Eunice – just keep steady and strong. 🙂

    1. Man you know I am trying but there has been a few blow ups with all the sadness worry and pressure 😦 Hope you 2 are doing well and loving summer 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness Eunice what a time you have been through. But so glad you found your moms cat. I know our animals are so precious to us, so I understand you moms feelings and yours of course. You must be exhausted but you always manage to stay strong for others. Bless you ! I do so hope your Mother and your Man will soon be well. Hugs x

    1. Mom has too much ahead of her now and I fear the worst but pray for the best. she had 3 attempts made with a new knee and each one failed for 12 weeks she was kept in a cast that weighed 30 pounds 😦 Hard for us to see her in so much pain never mind what we all try to do to keep her from a nursing home 😦 xo it has to get better trust me enough of this.

  3. At least one positive piece of news Eunice! Glad he was found and wish you and your loved ones all the best! 😉

    1. Thanks Cathy and enjoy your summer to the fullest! You know I will be trying to 🙂

  4. Oh my, you need a good long rest… you have had so much lately. But I am glad your Mom has her beloved cat home…. I can understand how she feels, because it’s exactly how I would if out little cat got outside and lost… Take care … Diane

    1. Thanks man was it the worst for us animal lovers but got so much support from local agencies I never gave up 🙂 Thanks so much Diane for stopping in 🙂 xo

  5. Your first grey hair …. anywhere… lol! I’m almost at my last grey hair.
    All kidding aside, Eunice, you take care! Hang in! Go with the flow!

    What a gorgeous cat, and I can hardly wait to see the after photo!

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