Still No Good News

Hi Everyone.

Still no good news about my Mom she is now done with third surgery on new knee only this time she came out with it wired together and is now in a 30 lb fiberglass cast and she has no muscle left after a year and a half in and out of rehab hospitals.  We pulled her out of last one because we were scared for her even though we liked the people just not enough help when one is helpless.  Just been a plain nightmare for all of us but mostly Mom.

The snow all 8′ of it is just about gone and even with that huge melt we were under a severe red flag warning for fires.

We are getting the place ready for Spring /Summer so much to do but am looking forward to flowers blooming and not the store bought variety I bring Mom.

No bears have stopped by and my male turkey must be off hunting for a bevy of girls lol isn’t life simple at times.

The stress even with Watercolor painting almost daily has done a number on me.  5 pounds gained and no covered with red spots they say is Psoriasis.  OH joy itchy, scratching and just trying to smile and de-stress 😦  So many lotions and potions will now be lathered on.  I hate it when our bodies fail us.

Sorry not much good news well then again the snow is gone  🙂

Here is one of my latest paintings you can see I am trying to find Peace.

Spring Peace

31 thoughts on “Still No Good News

  1. I’m so sorry for your distress. A mom is a special gift. One we want to hold onto and protect. I’m glad you have your painting. I wish it was enough, but a parents pain is a child’s pain. Sending you a warm hug and prayers for a strong recovery.

    1. Thanks Sue I know the pain of your loss and I will continue to fight for her to heal and come back to us even though I see her wanting to give up xo

    1. Thanks so much and Thank you I can not seem to stop painting 🙂 which I guess keeps my mind elsewhere when needed 🙂

  2. Oh dear Eunice, So sorry to hear such disturbing news about your mother. She must be so weary and stressed out, as are you worrying about her, which is understandable as our mothers are so special to us all. Tell her that all your blogger friends including myself are thinking and praying for her to get well soon. I hope your itchy problem soon resolves Eunice there is nothing so annoying and its difficult to concentrate on anything, so you are doing great with your paintings. Take care

    1. xo Thanks Rita this has been so hard to watch transpire with no control or say really 😦 I will see her today and tell her HUGS

      I made homemade Pea Soup and will bring her a Ham sandwich this new place feeds her well but not home cooking and she has a small icebox in her room 🙂

  3. Hard times and “stress” are causing your body to react in self defense. You need a vacation! Wishing your Mom well and you too….. ~Dor

  4. I’m so sorry that your Mom is having such a time with her knees. It has to be such a concern for you. My sister has psoriasis for many years, ands sometimes so bad…. It is different of course for everyone…the reason etc…. Believe it or not hers’ cleared up finally when she read some article about ‘celery’ … and psoriasis. She absolutely loved celery and ate it almost every day… When she stopped the psoriasis disappeared. I’m not suggesting that’s what your cause is, as I know stress causes a lot of it too… I hope you get relief soon Eunice … Diane

    1. Amazing how the body can repair what ails it 🙂 I heard stay away from dairy, bananas and something else I can’t blame it on celery lol I have it so seldom 🙂 Love it in Chicken salad now I may think twice 🙂

  5. Sorry about your poor Mum. And you with psoriasis too… must be all the stress, you poor thing. I do hope your Mum starts to get fitter soon and you can relax a little and enjoy some spring sunshine! Take care! xx

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