Happy Passover and Happy Easter Everyone

I have been going back and forth to Boston suburbs to visit my mom and when I come home to the snow and a hungry man and cat and dog I am tired.Β  Sometimes I paint a small piece to chill/unwind and de-stress all the worry within as mom doesn’t seem to be moving towards going home which saddens me.

I continue to pray for a miracle that will bring her back home to us and her cat it is all I can do.

Some good news for those who have followed me for a few years my son the artist entered a contest and guess what he WON lol I needed good news πŸ™‚Β  you can click on this link and read the article and see his winning entry.


I will stop by to see what you have been up too so please take care of yourselves.


23 thoughts on “Happy Passover and Happy Easter Everyone

  1. Hi Eunice, Sorry to hear your mom is not doing so well, but its great news about your son winning this competition. I love his painting and I have printed it out with the written article itself to show my son who is also an artist, and my friends. Hope that’s o.k. with you. You must be very proud of him and I wish him every success as an artist for his future. You yourself Eunice, take care.

    1. Shout it from the heavens πŸ™‚ I know his parents must be so happy but knowing where he came from I just sit back smiling πŸ™‚

      Love you
      Happy Easter to you and your family

    1. Thanks so much he is so talented πŸ™‚ thanks for the prayers it is what keeps us strong to help her.

  2. Wow Eunice! Your son’s art work is fabulous and actually elicits an emotional response. Speaking of emotions, I know how hard it must be for you now with your Mom not recovering enough to return home. Hang in there. Your inner strength will carry you through.

    1. Love you and thanks so much My Mom has 4 strong children to hold her up and get her through now she just has to fight xo

      Mike is simply amazing when he stays away from booze I think he blows himself away πŸ™‚ They must be so proud of him but for me I know he has even more to share with this world πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Eva yes I must remain strong to help her get back home. xo Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Hi Eunice. I was wondering how your Mum was doing – sorry to hear she is not making progress. It’s hard when your parents get older and heal slower, but maybe she just needs a bit more time. All the best, and have a lovely Easter weekend. (HUGS)

    1. Thanks Cathy I am so worried about her mentally with all these disappointments.

      Have a beautiful weekend too.

  4. What’s your Mom’s condition? It’s got to be a worry… Great news about your son .. Like Mother like son eh? Take care Eunice and hope you have a Happy Easter Diane

    1. Mom had a knee replacement in end of January was doing great then a ligament that holds the knee cap let go (patella) then staples taken out too early infection set in then a new surgery with screws and pieces from others to patch her up and now has to wear a brace to her thigh and keep leg out straight for a total of 8 weeks or more getting her down and us worried

      Yes Mike is so talented and his adoptive parents forget and take all the credit lol but it was sent by God our greatest creator Happy Easter Diane.

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