I Forgot To Share My Beach With You Dress Warm!

Watching for her returning fisherman

Looking out to sea I feel her pain on a day like this

A point where the waves splashed over and took some of this back out with it.

North Beach

A popular section of NH along the ocean “what ocean”you say lol we said the same thing we go to the beach all winter you know that as followers but this day in order to take a ride along the sea and actually see the horizon or waves you would have to climb these snow banks and I was wanting to see it bad enough to try but there was no place to park.  This is where hundreds of surfers begin to park on days when the storm surge is crazy see they love crazy lol

looking towards Hampton Beach

I found a spot I could see the sea 🙂

Hungry Gull

Boy he or she must be hungry with storm after storm 😦


Just driving and shooting so photos could be so much better

Shot from above

Now for a few from Massachusetts


Toothpick Salisbury MA

Just months from summer visitors

Storm battered summer homes

FOUND and Marked lol

Much work for us hearty souls who call New England home 🙂

16 thoughts on “I Forgot To Share My Beach With You Dress Warm!

    1. 🙂 I hear you it is what we are al saying along the coast trying to warm up with 6 to 8 foot snowfalls in 30 days just plain crazy. They took a shot of a Coyote crossing the ice in Boston Harbor just ahead of coast guard cutter not sure how it ended though I think the wild beast is faster 🙂 Stay warm as this one blows in

      1. lol I know right yes 2 to 6 more inches tonight then rain/snow mix Wed. I need a very slow melt 🙂

      2. Thanks we will have to tie ourselves to the trees if it gets real warm real fast

    1. Oh that it is 🙂 Tonight very cold then tomorrow night #Thor arrives 😦 maybe 6″ more then rain/snow Wednesday. I will paint in full color and leave out WHITE 🙂

    1. I know it is lol snow tonight then Wed. and I say let the slow and steady melt resume 🙂

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