Roses And Another Blizzard

Hi Everyone.  We have been flat out getting snow removed from roof on the house and the RV and the very old truck, my Dodge broken, sits under a very heavy load.  I was looking to have it towed by a local junk yard for cash but the place burnt down.  So I will wait.

I have that male wild turkey here and as I watched him get spooked by the wind he tried to fly over the barn but his judgment was off really off and he came down hard onto the snow packed roof of my barn/art studio.  It was not until I ran out to see if he was OK that I saw how much snow was still on the roof of the barn.  Here I had taken thousands of pounds of snow off the house but had thought the barn was Ok with it’s much steeper pitch.  I was wrong. There was over 3 feet deep snow on both sides of my barn.  Buildings were collapsing all over New England and if we did nothing I could loose everything.  Our roof rake was not long enough to do much here so I searched the local shops and found a $50 model 12 miles up the road so off we went.

I found a Blue Jay in the drive way when I came off the roof and set up an old Parakeet cage for it to get it warm and give it food and water
He watched me paint all day but sadly he either was so hurt inside or just to old to fight and I lost him.  Even though I was so sad having not gotten to see him fly off with the others, just outside the door, I am glad he had a peaceful day with us.


He was so pretty

This winter is hard, see it came all at once, usually we get a system pass through drop some snow and leave us to clean up but this one all we do is remove, snow day in and day out even the wildlife are finding it hard to get by or get around in 3 to 4 foot deep snow.

I cleaned off the home with this newest tool and then him and I headed to the barn with JT coming along with her stick but she saw little action as we had so much snow to drop to the ground and then to move it all before it sat and became ice.


The snow is very high up on most of our windows


Seriously we have had more than our share of snow and now a foot of more and then another storm on this weekend’s heals.  If you live on the other side of the Atlantic please let me know what happens to these fronts as they head out across our ocean and head for England, etc.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day

We will go see my mom in the hospital her knee surgery went great but during rehab her ACL let go, praying she will heal up and get her other knee done so she can be whole again.

I am so tired I have to sign off for now here is the art I was working on while caring for the wild bird.

Yes more trees and paying homage to nature and the love of my wild birds red or blue,  grey or black,  I adore them all

28 thoughts on “Roses And Another Blizzard

  1. Wishing a speedy recovery for your Mom Eunice! Sorry to hear once again that you got so much snow, I would totally collapse under so much shawling all the time! The bird is cute, adorable, to bad it didn’t survive but at least he was in a warm and loving place at the end. Love your trees, you’re so good at painting those, beautiful values. Love that you incorporated some birds into the canvass, kinda in memoriam for the Blue Jay. I hope you will get to enjoy a wonderful Valentines Day, stay warm and safe! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Eva. Have a wonderful weekend if you need me you will have to yell loud to be heard over the snow blower lol

  2. Sure hope everything goes well for your mom, Eunice. Sorry to hear that the Jay didn’t survive but at least his last minutes were warm and comforting. And speaking of warm…I hope you stay warm and cozy in this next snowstorm! I’m not sure where we are going to put all this white stuff!

    1. Man I do not know we will have 60 MPH winds so maybe it will blow away 🙂 and thanks for your well wishes hard when Boston shuts down 😦 to go and see her.

  3. That is the clearest picture I think I have encountered since these monster snows have hit your part of the world. I can’t imagine the work and effort you have put into the constant work to remove critical piles. And it is so so sad about the blue jay. You are a good person Eunice for giving him some warmth on his last day. Thank you for sharing this. I hope the sun favors you , yours, and your wildlife soon.

    1. Oh Dor this will soon become a nasty memory with a pile of photos of proof we made it through. How is your area have you received the cold yet? Looking for a place along the coast of Mid USA 🙂

      1. The cold and wind finally arrived here – down to 5 degrees last night. Only a dusting of snow though. The last big snow was Thanksgiving and it melted the next day. Unusual. We do usually get several good storms a year but nothing like where you are.

      2. 🙂 We had the Thanksgiving one then 60 for Christmas this is our payback the February that just would not quit 🙂

  4. All the best to you and especially to your mum Eunice. Hope her knee heals really soon, and you take care in all that ice and snow! Those storm fronts seem to warm up slightly as they cross the Atlantic. Our cold weather recently came from inland to the east and north, but the rain and wind always comes from the Atlantic hitting the UK first and then coming across and down to us in central Europe.

    1. Thanks Cathy I knew it had to go somewhere 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes for Mom she is getting so sad being helpless. Stay warm and dry Happy Valentine’s Day

  5. Eunice, you are an absolute saint coping with yet more and more of that atrocious weather. I just hope it will soon move away and give you some peace. I hope you will soon be able to get to see your poor Mom and that she recovers completely from her knee operation, she must also be worrying about you. Take care and wrap up warm. I feel sorry for those birds out in that snow but I think they know you are there keeping an eye on them. I love birds myself and would do exactly the same. I would bring them into the house, that’s if they would come in of course.

    1. The one who let me bring him in was not fighting me think it was nearly froze and hurt too bad. We went down to Boston yesterday to share Valentine’s Day with her and her new friends we brought cookies and brownies to share and a rose for her since she will be leaving rehab for yet more surgery on the now destroyed knee. She went in walking and is now confined to a wheelchair sad to watch her downward spiral so we went to cheer her up and then my brother and sister in law stopped in on their way home to NH to see her then drove 2 hours home in nasty weather (blizzard) we left Boston about 3:30 PM and took a lot of back roads in NH and stopped for take out Chinese Food to celebrate now today the clean up begins again 🙂 our never ending winter of 2015 🙂 I hope the rest of the year will be kinder 🙂 Thanks for your note I am so busy shoveling and hurting all I have time for is a painting to unwind

  6. Eunice that snow keeps getting higher and higher, and now they are calling for more. Sorry to hear this – I like your new tool the clean off the roof snow. Sorry to read that the bird didn’t survive, you have such a tender soul. Glad to read that your mom is recovering nicely! Have a warmer and beautiful Valentines day!!

    1. Thanks so much Mary Tool works good as long as we are breathing lol Mom is going back in to surgery Friday something let go in her new knee 😦 spent 5 hours with her today and cheered up the whole ward with my dog 🙂

      1. A few years ago I lost a young Cooper’s Hawk that flew into the window, and died of a broken neck after only a few moments. It was surpassingly saddening.

      2. Yes this one may have been attacked by the local hawk or just the end of his life on the day I found him sad to see anything go

  7. Hooray! I’ve finally reached you! 🙂
    Eunice you have no idea how many times I have tried! I think it’s probably the slow speed of my laptop or some kind of incompatibility but I can never get your posts to load fully! I see you on FB but I don’t have much time for that and would rather visit your blog. Phew!
    Anyway- I know you’ve been having a nightmare time with the weather. I just hope Spring is on the way.

    1. All is good anything that falls now we are all pros 🙂 Mom is still in and out of hospital and rehab so I do what I can and paint 🙂 I had such a hard time finding my reader (feedly) and some of you are not on it I swear I will try to keep up xo

  8. Hi – that painting of the tree and red bird is lovely. You ought to center your photos in your blog so they’re easier to view. I was having a hard time seeing everything. Anyway, your work in this is grand. I hope your mom is doing better. Hugs!

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