A few more photos as the next storm is set to arrive


After Shovelling The Roof

Plenty of room to put it

14 thoughts on “A few more photos as the next storm is set to arrive

    1. We may but I am not sure how 🙂 were you a trucker too? I do have a beautiful Border Collie JT 🙂 I Grew up in MA

      1. I grew up in NH (Pittsfield) and went to a summer camp in Epping till I was 13! Small world! Your watercolor is beautiful, btw! Something I’ve always wanted to learn.. Tried teaching myself. (Tried, the key word!)

      2. Keep wetting the paper and play many thanks to you I am just learning but the photographic side of me keeps getting in my way 😦 Pittsfield I know for Ballooning and did you spend time in Hedding? I am on the side close to Raymond truly a small world indeed 🙂

  1. At least there’s a patch of blue sky though now. 🙂 Hope you don’t get too much more. We had some really heavy wet snow overnight, but nowhere near as much as yours!

    1. New England is amazing sorry you got dumped on too then again maybe all the germs die this way 🙂 Stay Safe Cathy

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