Boy Did We Get Hammered!

Photo taken from the roof
Photo taken from the roof


Boy from the ground it looked bad but once I climbed the ladder to begin to shovel man there were spots over 3 1/2 feet so close to 4 feet as the winds blew 60 mph for the better part of the storm

More snow coming Friday through Monday oh joy.
Bring on Spring lol I know I sound like a broken record but it was 60F on Christmas which was my BEST PRESENT!

Stay safe everyone


20 thoughts on “Boy Did We Get Hammered!

    1. It was wild I wish I had bit the bullet and climbed on to the roof as it fell but that would have been a certifiable move 🙂

    1. Me too! Thanksgiving no power to cook, Christmas in the 60’s and most of Jan. cold but snowless 🙂 the way I like it now reality 🙂

  1. Well Eunice I would just bloodywell leave it on the roof anyway and stay indoors you don’t want to get yourself hurt any more. However, do you have a flat or sloping roof If flat I can understand that you do need to shovel it off . What a menace bad weather is. Take great care

    1. What doesn’t kill me Rita will make me stronger 🙂 I rest up good when I am done hot showers and ice

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