Man Is She Going To Blow

I am sure if you live in the United States you are hearing all about our plight.  Yes it is winter and yes I live in New England but really a BLIZZARD come on two feet plus of snow in one dump and to top it off where I am to add insult to injury 60 to 70 mph winds.  It will be crazy in these parts so I cried uncle and hired a young guy with a new truck to plow here he will be worth his weight in gold.  I will still need to go up onto the roof but that will not be while those winds are around  though with high snow banks I won’t fall far :).I will say a prayer for all of those in her path forget it’s name what’s with all these foolish named storms this could out do our famous Blizzard of 78.  Mom goes into surgery on Thursday so I hope the Gov. of MA doesn’t shut the roads down for too long.  That is it for now from me as I will go back to painting and staying safe as can be.  I have water set aside for us, the pets, the toilets and to paint with and we have heat, batteries and candles as well as canned goods, we are well versed in this winter thing 🙂

Stay safe everyone!

15 thoughts on “Man Is She Going To Blow

  1. Oh, I hope you fare well if that blizzard hits and that your Mom does too. I can feel the excitement building and congrats on getting all your stuff together to meet the storm head on.

    1. Thanks now we are told up to 3 feet it will make the news even over your way 🙂 We will only do what we can do I am off for some canned good and wet food for dog and cat with now power for a week we will go downtown were they never loose power and eat out 🙂

    2. Man 36″{ at my Mom’s in MA and we had 28 inches when I came in at 4 PM with it still snowing and blowing to beat the band 🙂

  2. Oh dear me, I have been dreading hearing this news from you Eunice, it seems to be the norm at this time of the year, but thank goodness you have your wits about you and prepared well in advance. WELL DONE YOU !! stay warm and enjoy your lovely painting.

    1. Yes we have to all be smart about this one for sure though neither of us relish the idea of clearing off 2 to 3 foot from the roof may have to sell and more to a warmer climate 🙂

    2. Man 36″{ at my Mom’s in MA and we had 28 inches when I came in at 4 PM with it still snowing and blowing to beat the band 🙂

  3. You stay safe too… Usually it’s us here in Canada that have the bad storms but last year Buffalo and now this year your area….. Pretty to look at but the storms are not good… take care. Diane

    1. Thanks Diane as I get ready to call it a night it is still blowing and snowing and we already have 28″ so far 😦 the surf has reached heights of nearly 20 feet guess it was #8 in all time worse storms for us in NH and #3 from January storms 😦 just what I needed a Jackpot/record breaker Photos tomorrow if I can lift the camera 🙂

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