Man We Had Been So Spoiled

The 60F Christmas is long past.  The frigid air of January blew in and on some days took my actual breath away.  Use the inhaler and breath into a scarf or a gloved hand BRRRRRR damn it is cold.

I had a wonderful Christmas with family after 9 years I saw a true miracle.  Feeling so blessed.

As I sit on this Sat. morning looking through your blog posts I am so cold and yes I have to coal stove going but it is doing little in this room where my desk sets time for a new window and take out that 30 year old plant window and place her into the barn on the east side.  I have it covered with plastic still to cold.  I paint in the room with heat source or my watercolors would freeze lol before they dry.  I could turn on the furnace run by propane but we paid almost $5 per gal. for it so I am trying to make it last. 🙂 Wonder how they feel screwing us all for so many years now that our market has dropped lol you know what they say about pay back!

So how is everyone?  You cold or warm or just right 🙂

I actually took a ride to the coast I must have been out of my mind.  It was -16F here and maybe 7F when I stepped out that afternoon at the beach.  I actually got to see Smoke On The Water as the warmth of the Atlantic Ocean met those nasty cold temps.  I was too cold to jump out for a photo at that moment though.  So here is a few from our day we got out of the house as all I seem to do these days is cook, clean and paint.

Cold Day Everywhere
Cold Day Everywhere
Tall Grasses blowing on a still breeze
Tall Grasses blowing on a still breeze
Sitting still for the photo she clearly is not wanting to be taken lol
Sitting still for the photo she clearly is not wanting to be taken lol
When The Sea Freezes You Know It Is Cold
When The Sea Freezes You Know It Is Cold

Here is a piece I am working on in my studio(where it is warm)

So many have seen this and thought it was other than what I did I LOVE THAT! :)
So many have seen this and thought it was other than what I did I LOVE THAT! 🙂

Hope you are all OK

19 thoughts on “Man We Had Been So Spoiled

    1. Hi boy you must make a point of seeing the sea smoke it is awesome 🙂 I can not help but paint it seems 🙂

  1. Beautiful photography Eunice, bet it’s not as warm now! You know how I love your coast photographs – found you! Had to un-follow and then re-followed hopefully you’ll come back to my Reader. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wonderful photos Eunice, love your little dog sitting with a long shadow! Great painting, hopefully will warm up that you can paint more comfortably, till then bundle up and keep warm!

    1. Thanks Eva 🙂 I have like 70 days to go for warmth to linger but our #newenglandpatriots just one their game so I am warm all over for now 🙂

  3. Hi Eunice. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photo’s, and I love the painting of the sea. Its been extremely cold here too with snow on the mountains. But its the fierce winds which have made it feel so cold. We thought of you and hope you were not having to sweep snow of your roof again this year. Take care and stay in doors as much as possible and keep warm.
    PS do you like music while you are painting Eunice ,just a thought crossed my mind because my son always liked to listen to the music of “YANNI ” while he was painting.

    1. Winds nasty here too near about blew my dog over 😦
      So far I have been able to stay off though if we do not get warm before next snow on Monday night I will have to go up with ice under my feet praying for 32F and above 🙂 My knee was real bad a few weeks ago after burning my hand badly but so far I am OK now and just quit taking the one medication I was on Stellara now at 58 I take no medicine 🙂 my hair is so long and trying to drop more weight with this nasty poison out of my bloodstream I hope to start to feel better. You know I have not painted with music but I hear the TV at times and always through a toy to my girl when she is feeling lonely brush in one hand toy in the other 🙂 I will see if I can play some form YOUTUBE 🙂

      1. Hi Eunice, Oh dear me you have been in the wars again !, but its so nice to hear you don’t have to take too much medication. I am sure you will be feeling much better now .I find that having to take medication nearly always has side effects which you can do without.
        I think you will find that listening to music while painting is very relaxing but of course choose the kind of music you like. What sort do you like Eunice ? I love Country and Western myself but some of it tends to be a little sad.

      2. C&W is truly full of sad lyrics 🙂 as a trucker I drove a lot of miles listening to that I love old rock, blues pop not so much rap 🙂 Though some songs have great messages that do need to be heard. When I paint it is never from a photo I wet the paper add paint then things appear to me not always others 🙂

        Yes good to say their is no poison running through me finally I know it will be tough but with yoga and meditation and herbs I should be much better off 🙂

        Snow tomorrow a 2″ is possible so no roof then maybe a little more will get nasty cold though 😦

        Take care and enjoy your Sunday Hugs

  4. Hi again Eunice. Not sure if I have already mentioned this, but many years ago my son began painting a Pre- Raphaelite picture. The canvas alone then cost 30 pounds because it is quite large. Its called “Three Gentleman of Vorona ” I have moved it around with me whenever we moved house. It has been lying around for about 30 years. Now its time for me to finish it. So I went and bought some paints and brushes last week to try an finish it. When I went to England last year, I went to the British Museum and took a photo of it so that I could see the rest of the colours where my son had left off. Hope I can do it. I am amazed you find time to meditate and do Yoga Eunice, but that’s great.

    1. How awesome is that I am so glad you will finish his masterpiece. 🙂 I get up each day by 6 AM and am up till 10 PM that is a lot of hours to fill meditation is so easy for me as I focus well and yoga I only do the movements my body allows for that day 🙂 You much photograph your painting journey and blog about it!

  5. So glad you had a good Christmas with your family. It’s cold here too.. and I’ve got my second bout of cold/bronchitis since November…. I think I’ll start a countdown to spring… (maybe a little early to do that eh?) Anyway keep warm and keep painting those beautiful scenes that you do… Diane

    1. OH I am so sorry you have been so sick my brother and his wife have been too 😦 Get better soon Diane.

      I am adding a few pieces right now to My Portfolio wp page had a blast doing these 🙂

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