The Snow Fell And There Went The Feast

My last post sounded so nice right lol well I cooked and prepared for our family feast but so did the weather.
On Wednesday as the last of my cooking was complete the snow began to fall.  I even went out with another Garden Club member to hang 30 swags we had made on Sunday throughout the downtown.  We were wet and cold but please with the holiday color in town taking shape.  We swung in for a cup of hot chocolate to warm us on the ride home.  Tomorrow we have 84 tropical Poinsettias arriving for delivery OH BOY!  You see Wednesday night we lost all power due to the heavy wet snow and just our first of this soon to be winter season wait it is still fall right.

Today is Sat. and this morning we got the power back  It was 32 degrees F. brrr  we did have one warm spot in the house the 4 us cuddled up in and lots of veggies as we never did get together with family down the road as they too had no party and moved it 50 miles south so we stayed home and off the nasty roads.  Maybe we will get another chance at Christmas.

I painted during daylight with melted snow 🙂  over on Folsom Mill Studio blog I will post the results this is a shot of Spicy Cranberry Sauce I made and second shot of our world today 🙂



10 thoughts on “The Snow Fell And There Went The Feast

    1. Thanks so much xo Yes heavy and wet and a bugger to move so we hardly did 😦 tomorrow and Monday in the 50’s that should take care of a lot of it 🙂

  1. Oh dear me Eunice ! We all feel for you when the SNOWY season arrives and just hope and pray you can keep warm and safe. Keep plenty of food in the freezer !! As if you need a freezer anyway when its so cold. Mind you, its a good excuse to cuddle up. Take very good care of yourself.

    1. We always error on the side of safety at this age gone are the years we threw caution to the wind xo Today it will be 50 and we have 84 plants to deliver into their rightful owners hand thankfully we did not sell hundreds 🙂

    1. Thanks last two day raining and in the mid 30’s F just warm enough to melt a little but my whole yard is under water 😦

      Yes I should have been a weather woman 🙂

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