In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot

In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot, no wonder we all got to grandma’s house on time, for family gatherings.

Family and friends now live with so many miles between they must travel by air and rail as well as packing up the family car. No wonder today in the United States has become a day of nightmares for all even if you are just making the dinner, you begin to worry about all of them travelling to you.

Today will be one of epic weather events up and down the east coast,  in fact I am not even sure of any other disastrous  weather  across the US as we are just getting bombarded with news of doom and gloom and traffic nightmares.  Is it too late to hope for it to stay out to sea 🙂

I am hoping you all have a wonderful day tomorrow either at work or with family and maybe you will watch football and nap after the huge meal or go shopping for all the deals each store is trying to out do the others with, for your hard earned buck just please stay safe out there,  I do not have to tell you it is crazy out there.

We will clear most of what we get for snow tonight so we can get out of our yard by mid day and travel not so far to my brothers home for just a few hours of laughter and fun with family.  I made fresh cranberry sauce with a zip.  I stuffed the butternut squash and mushrooms no green bean casserole for this girl.  I made a hot artichoke and spinach dip that is so very cheesy not sure I will have room for the BIRD!

Tomorrow I hope to be the start of a new family tradition of loving and forgiving one another for being human with our own heartache and pain and know that life is worth fighting for and that family is all we truly have.  We all have faults and problems of our own and you know what it comes down to the miles in between.  No longer sitting around each others tables and seeing what each other are going through on a day to day basis makes misunderstandings more probable.

Cal your family and tell them you love them very much.  Swing by if they are close enough and give them a really good hug.
I swear if after 10 years I have been invited to be apart of my once loving family before Dad died anything is possible.

Keep the faith!

Should you find yourself alone stop at a shelter to help feed the people who have lost their way and families or go to a local hospital and spread some love and tell some stories and watch the difference one person can truly make, what ever you do please do not spend your day alone dwelling on what others have done to you.  That would be better than any turkey dinner.

Peace and Love to each of you and a big hug too!

Travelling by foot is the easy way
Travelling by foot is the easy way

13 thoughts on “In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot

  1. Ah ! Lovely. ! And peace and contentment to you also Eunice. I really hope you can get around to your family without too much hassle with the bad weather.

    1. From your lips to God’s ears 🙂 snowing to beat the band lost power already today so I when it came on I showered and jumped on computer 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a fabulous Thanksgiving greeting Eunice! I LOVE the end photo of all the critters “travelling on foot.” Wishing you the best Thanksgiving with your family. But take it easy shoveling snow huh? ~Dor

    1. Will do, trees dropping all around me 😦 my gorgeous pines 😦 even the lilacs were so bent I went out and brushed them off to save them.

    1. Thanks for celebrating with us Americans 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend I pray I do not loose all my gorgeous trees to heavy snow 😦

    1. Thanks 🙂 and for the Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 snowing like crazy and power out in so many place may have to cook like the old days 🙂 if we can find dry wood XO

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