Sparkling or Still

Having each day to do as I please is really too much time.

I may have driven a rig across country and racked up all those miles, not only 5 days

a week but usually 7 though now I feel busier as I learn new things

to fill my hours of daylight.  Then again maybe I always did

too much, just packed my day from the moment I opened my eyes till

I could no longer hold them open.

I saw highways filled with traffic and streets filled with people.

Now with each new day I see my yard filled with wildlife on the ground as well as in the trees.

I cook every meal no longer depending on a roach coach.

I never curl my hair like I used to when I drove with the big boys,  makeup no longer

desired as well.

Some days as I paint I look down shocked to see I never truly got dressed to

welcome the day.  Yes life is good being still but my world still sparkles all around me.

18 thoughts on “Sparkling or Still

    1. Finally life is what it used to be when I was just 18 🙂 Been a long hard road but appreciate all I learned. xo

    1. Tonight I was so content and chillin I grabbed a hot pot cover on the edge and not handle and carried it from stove to sink OUCH had to go to ER and thankfully I will live but I better WAKE UP 🙂 Thanks for your well wishes boy am I so much better than 5 years ago 🙂

      1. Warm wee were as dishes piled up we have a small coal stove for emergencies usually we loose it for 7 days 3 was a breeze 🙂

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