Filling The Gray Space With Color

Hi Everyone!

Surgery went OK and the patient came home the next day but has had a horrible headache since so we will see the doctor in a few hours to find out why.  Seeing the doctor 6 days before his appointment is not really a great sign but I would rather be safe then sorry.  OH wait it is HIM lol but he makes ME 🙂

As you can see by my re-blogs here from my art blog I have stayed busy and upbeat since the last of the colored leaves are falling with this horrid wind.  I swear I will not complain too much with what I see just 6 hours west of me.

Trying to catch up little by little on all of your spots here in the blogosphere nice seeing what you are up to.

Will being having a Thanksgiving with Mom and my brother which has not been done for 10 years so you know I am happily planning on what goodies I can bring to the table to celebrate together seems just good enough for me.  Can we kiss and make up I pray that is in the cards.  The day for me will be all about giving thanks as it should be.

For all of you in the States and great sides you think maybe different but perfect for my first foray into the family fold again 🙂
I will make my spicy Cranberry sauce for sure as we love a little heat as does my baby brother.

I have been a painting fool to say the least and add a few now and then into my online stores to be used as a print of phone skins and even baby clothes 🙂  you can follow my Facebook page at Folsom Mill Studio if you need to be flooded by color.

As the days get gray in color here and we wait for the first big dump of snow I will just add water and mix my colors well and fill the days with COLOR and good will for mankind.

Please take care of yourselves and those you adore.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I get busy and can not pop in before next week.


16 thoughts on “Filling The Gray Space With Color

  1. It’s nice to hear that you will have a family Thanksgiving. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that all goes well and that there is much to be grateful for. Keep that paintbrush busy.

    1. Thanks so much hoping you have a wonderful gathering in TX
      Happy Thanksgiving to you all

    1. Bless you xo

      Happy Thanksgiving Dor and I only seem to know pretty and bright colorful things must be the life I lead 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well 🙂 You all settled in and happy creating yet hope so?

  2. Hey Euince, thanks for the holiday greeting – I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family (and fingers-crossed that all can make amends). When we lived in Maine we’d go to Upstate NY every year for Thanksgiving, but in TX too far away with weather always unpredictable (like the 6′ Buffalo just got) and airlines – we celebrate at home now. Glad to read the surgery went well – take care and Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks and yes poor NY that is just plain crazy we get that much I will not need ladder to get up onto the roof 🙂

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