Making Christmas Cards

Watercolor Christmas Cards

Heading out for some inspiration but wanted to share what I have been working on while I await my boyfriends surgery on the 14th.  Please say a little prayer he will come out of this OK  He has blocked Corroded arteries(neck) he doesn’t smoke but has type 2 diabetes and loves French Fries 😦  I am hoping when he writes out his power of attorney to me as well as a will this week it becomes real and he changes his diet 🙂

So I paint now to de-stress

Hugs and Love

28 thoughts on “Making Christmas Cards

    1. Thanks Cathy I usually worry about little these days but main artery to brain has me worried though I hear it is a common surgery 😦

  1. Eunice , Of course he will be in my prayers !! I am sure he will be fine. I know there is risk with any surgery but what they can do now a days is a miracle and the odds are in his favor for a full recovery !!! Maybe this will be what he needs to make some positive changes !!!

    1. You made me feel so much beter xo and yes from your lips to God’s ears he does see the light 🙂

    1. Thanks so much I find I paint more when stressed 🙂 Thanks so much on all accounts xo

  2. Hi Eunice, Sorry to hear about your man and hope all goes well with his surgery.I wish him a speedy recovery. And to you Eunice, try and not worry too much and take care of your self, easier said than done I know but if you can relax it helps eleviate stress. Love your Xmas card and all other paintings. I agree painting helps to relax.

    1. Thanks so much I am trying to remind myself to chill as he is worried enough being first time he has ever had surgery or stayed in a hospital but he is in good hands 🙂

      Thanks for the comment on the card I paint so much and always different all in one day odd I am. Also writing stories to blend together into Memoir fun fun

      How are you and your man? Weather and birds?

      1. Hi Eunice. Well ! you do keep yourself busy….That’s good . John and I are fine. Me busy with studying Linear B Ancient scripts and John busy with his baby canaries he bred this year. Weather much cooler but bright and sunny. I hope the weather is o.k. with you and not too much snow. Good luck with your stories, will you put them on your blog?

      2. OH Babies I adore how sweet they sound 🙂
        Miss my birds but with my cat NO WAY 🙂

        Sunny today warmer the next few days 40′ and 50’s F of course then a horrendous cold front will hit all of USA probably when Ron is in the hospital 😦

        My Memoirs will be published at some point but short stories I may add.

  3. You paint beautifully! De-stress and trust life, it’ll all turn out fine. And the changes needed might be a bit easier to make after the surgery. Best wishes & prayers from here

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