Unused Hand Me Downs

I have a dear friend who saw me starting out to paint with Watercolor and she gathered all kinds of things for me.
There were tubes of unused watercolor paints, a couple of brushes and some wonderful paper that I am still afraid to use as I seem to be saving it for REAL ART.  Funny how a simple gift of her left overs and hand me downs  has empowered me to paint daily,  oh wait did I tell you about the books!  She gave me beautiful books on Watercolor techniques that I read and try to copy from.  I thought I would never want to look at another’s work, I am trying to do it on my own as I am too much of an individual, setting a course out on her own from what resides in my head, yes it is full after being away from any kind of art for 40+ years.

I am so grateful for my friend Jane who always has my back in such artful endeavors see her work at http://www.janercapone.com

Thanks Jane for the gifts of what you no longer needed xo

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      1. Great and yes pretty leaves are awesome till you have to RAKE 🙂 I will fill my garden plot with them then till them under 🙂

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