His Own Exhibition Hits White Columns In NYC


Me again, yes the birth mom of a very smart and oh so talented guy.  He has put his nose to the grindstone as they say and has made a connection with a very important person in the art world.  Anyone who has seen what he can do with a spray can, will not be surprised that he is making it once again into the big time,  NEW YORK CITY.

He was there once for a charity auction, one painting on the wall making a huge statement and bringing in so much more money than he ever dared to dream.  They had to give him a exhibition 🙂  This one is being curated by a man by the name of Peter Doig have you heard of him and the records he set with the sale of a painting titled “White Canoe” never mind the rest of his body of work.  My hope is he is a good man with only Mike’s best interest at heart.  From what I have read about Mr. Doig  I am sure he will be in great hands but moms worry and most only want the very best for their child, don’t they.  So yes I am so very proud of him and all the years he has worked hard to get noticed and now he has made it to the ultimate place to be seen, NYC!

So if you are free on Friday,  September 12 and are in the neighborhood of White Columns Art Gallery please stop in for his Exhibit Opening from 6 to 8 pm.  I will add the link to gallery page for the dates his works of art will be shown with them.
I wish him the very best and a wonderful showing!  Yes he has had plenty out in JH WY with all of the friends and locals there but NYC and say London are the place to be!
Blow Their Minds Mike!

Thanks for letting me brag about him


17 thoughts on “His Own Exhibition Hits White Columns In NYC

  1. Wow Eunice – this is fantastic news!! Congratulations to your son, sometimes it only takes but one opportunity for many doors to open – I’m thrilled and wishes him the best.

    1. Thanks so much. Wow is right Mary a HUGE door was opened for him to walk through after all his hard work and gorgeous scenes 🙂

  2. Why not brag about your son Eunice when he’s got talent . What mother doesn’t brag about their children however old they are. I wish him every success with this Exhibition and many more to come.

    1. Maybe you will see him over in your neck of the woods if he is well received 🙂 Thanks so much I know his Mom who raised him has to love the fact he is finally being seen as the talented guy he is 🙂

    1. Man from where he was to where he is now so truly amazing it is why you MUST NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS of a better day!

      1. It is what Mom’s want for their babies even if we do not live with them or even close by xo

    1. Thanks it is up till Thursday I think 🙂 hope he did well as just the trip east cost enough.

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