Hello September!

Perenial Sunflowers Rock

Happy September Everyone!

Today in the States it is Labor Day a day in which we celebrate the worker mostly with yummy BBQ’s  Though as I see most retail spaces are open which means the holiday unless celebrated on Sat. and Sun. their days off, well you get the point.  I am retired from 100 hour work weeks in a big old truck so I will celebrate for those who can’t.  No beer or burgers though but I may roast some yummy New England Sweet Butter Corn on the grill and cut it off the cob and add to my salad.  You see having your favorite store of 40 years closed for 6 weeks had me buying takeout or eating weird things, time to watch the waist once again with hopes of whittling it down some more I hate being so inactive I must get strong to battle that damn roof in another 2 months :).

My wish is for September to be kind to all of us we have enough on our mind with the woes of the world and the evil who resides within.  Scary times my friends scary indeed.

Stay safe in your travels and I will try my best to keep up with you all.



16 thoughts on “Hello September!

    1. From your lips 🙂 Many it drags during nasty weather and gorgeous days fly by 🙂 Safe travels to you when you head south

  1. September is a lovely month especially here in Crete now its cooling down. Thanks for you nice wishes Eunice and I hope the rest of this year will be kind to you and yours. Take care and don’t work too hard just relax with your paintings.

    1. I had a blast today! Too much painting but with no real garden this year due to my surgeries and it being so warm I think all I have done is play lol so if I complain about winter come January please remind me 🙂

  2. Happy September and the most beautiful time of the year Eunice! I share your sentiments – uncomfortable feeling these days.

  3. May you have a happy and peaceful September also! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have been behind in visiting those I follow but am trying to do better.

    1. I feel your pain I fall behind on 500 posts and when it rains I try to step in and at least read and like a few 🙂

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