You, Robot/OH My Knees

Postaday asks if you had a Robot what would you have it do.  I would have to say I would love one to weed my gardens. 
Oh my knees are hurting bad and to have a shiny machine going up and down each row,  gently pulling just the weeds and allowing all my pretty flowers to take center stage now that I would call a perfect garden helper!Hibiscus In Bloom

10 thoughts on “You, Robot/OH My Knees

  1. A good question. Doing house shores would be nice but I would like a robot to be a bit more intelligent to to help you with other things such provide guidance, warnings, opinions, make appointments, order pizzas, find plumbers for me 🙂

  2. Hi Eunice, Just come back from three weeks in England so am now catching up with you and my other friendly bloggers. I think I would have my Robot do exactly as you, weed the garden, dig and plant, cut hedges, and mow lawns, pick fruit from fruit trees and generally look after all flowers, bushes and plants.

    1. 🙂 From your lips to God’s ears 🙂 How are you? I have been so busy painting and mowing ::)

    1. Yes I have made so many as well and would much rather have it all done and put in font of me 🙂

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