Rains and Possible Tornados Tomorrow

Pretty Visitor

Forecast had us down at the river pulling a dam the beavers just started, with hopes of keeping this place from horrid floods while CA and OR burn up. 😦    just not fair is it.

This beauty kept me company since JT is not feeling well,  between her doing something to her front paw and chewing her skin.  As soon as we had the river 3 foot lower I took her up and bathed her outside. She hates baths but the medicated shampoo is easier for me to do right now outside as on of my knees is now shot,  I am only 58 what will I do at 78 🙂  So with her feeling comfy and full as well as the two of us we made it through another day.  Hope you are hanging in there as well.

Such said news about Robin Williams so sad to watch a soul loose all hope and unable to go on one more day.  Hoping he has found peace within finally.

If you or someone you know is suffering so badly they fear they can not go on for one more day please call in some help we all have a purpose and surly his was not just to make us laugh.  I will miss his beautiful soul.

Take care everyone.
Will read blogs tomorrow most of the day


10 thoughts on “Rains and Possible Tornados Tomorrow

    1. Thanks she watched from a safe distance away but not herself when she hurts 😦

    1. Thanks Cathy I will ice her a little today and see if it helps 😦
      You have a great week!

    1. Awesome great news! Wow flooding and fires out your way we had the whole damn pulled and one beaver gone but woke this morning to see more had replaced all we pulled 😦 tomorrow is another day no tornados and very little lightening in our yard though is was close very close. Glad the pups are feeling better HUGS

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