Mid July

So what is new in your world?  My life is quiet but never boring 🙂

Wildlife visit in droves even with hundreds of acres of land surrounding me they still want to be up close and personal with me lol what’s up with that!  I was outside just now talking on the phone with Mom she is doing awesome by the way she may drive tomorrow when I get down there, and I had 6 huge male wild turkey making pretty sounds talking to me asking for seed 🙂  even with the dog and cat there they knew they were safe I like the young being brought here and calling my place home but I sent them off to search for ants and beetles ticks too like wild turkeys are supposed to do. Yesterday before heavy rains began to fall they were along the edge of the property here pulling fresh raspberries one after another I am just worried those Black Bear are on the other side of the vegetation, ten foot wide or more in some parts, eating their way inward towards me 🙂  I must buy a can of compressed air made to scare bears away as these ones have become so bold and I do not want us to get hurt or one to die needlessly.

I must get a few new lens for the Nikon so I can capture better detail.  This is a mix of 4 different cameras hope you enjoy a poke around the place 🙂

Enjoy the rest of July


Bet he never saw his pretty face before :)
Bet he never saw his pretty face before 🙂


They say deer eat these mine are all still healthy
They say deer eat these mine are all still healthy


The perfect pair in my lower yard browsing on fresh greens
The perfect pair in my lower yard browsing on fresh greens


Trying to get them to look like tissue paper then learning to take a pretty picture :
Trying to get them to look like tissue paper then learning to take a pretty picture :


OH if only I had all this wisdom them :)
OH if only I had all this wisdom then 🙂

Off to read more of your wonderful blogs I really do hope you are al truly OK I miss being here 2 and 3 times a day



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  1. Quiet here too and maybe we are both watching the wildlife at the same times in different states. I didn’t know turkeys ate ticks… that makes the visiting herd around here even more interesting. I love the photo of the deer looking at herself in a mirror! Imagine what she must have been thinking. Great post Eunice! 🙂

    1. That makes us feel closer 🙂 Well our Turkey eat anything that crawls or what I throw toward them I could reach down and pet them 🙂

      It is a male deer a young buck in velvet and I can image what he told the female that he met up with at the rivers edge about what he had seen 🙂 He also played with my wind chimes silly young boy 🙂 Thanks Dor! xo

    1. in the brown dress? First grade I was not impressed I wanted to go back home with my baby brothers 🙂

  2. What stunning photo’s Eunice. I love the one of the deer and your painting is really getting serious now isn’t it. Beautiful one of poppies. The photo of you is lovely, I bet all the boys were chasing after you. Can’t say I would blame them either.

    1. Thanks I am practicing but I want to settle into a style and not do it all but as I am just learning on my own I am here there and everywhere 🙂 just took two days off and tomorrow will make 3 without my brush 🙂 I look at my collection am feel so proud that I am always willing to try something new. What have you been up too?

      Yes I guess the boys were though I was not allowed to date but each week 3 boys would give me rings to wear 🙂 wrap so as to not have them slip off I had some of the best friends growing up totally blessed 🙂 My facebook page has a few of my old male friends from 7 through 11th yr in school 12th grade I just want OUT of school then 4 years later I wanted BACK IN 🙂

      1. Well Eunice, thanks for asking. You will see from my blog shortly what I have been up to with my Linear B study. Other than that its been too hot here to do very much however , I am preparing to take a trip to England to see my family which I am looking forward to.

      2. Awesome hoping to go through and read all the posts later on. Yes it has been a wonderfully warm summer here as well 80’s and 90’s F

        I hope you have a wonderful trip and travel safely

  3. What a wonderful place you got, love some of your visitors…. it’s super cool that they come so close, well except the bears of course! Looking pretty Eunice, I guess most of us wishing back the old days with the today’s brain :). Love your watercolor poppies and your lovely backyard with all that green abundance! Wish all the best for your Mom and have a lovely July too! 🙂

    1. Yes I agree all else the mat is laid out for them but huge bears that can really hurt us well they need to stay in the forests and meadows surrounding us 🙂

      Yes isn’t that true can you image all the pain and hurt and loss we could of saved ourselves 🙂 I have been going through thousands of photos junking as many as I can and made up 4 collections for family members what they do with them is their business but their babies are in the photos I have been holding onto now their turn to care and pass them down.

      Thanks so much I am trying to make them look papery practice practice practice 🙂 Oh by the way I follow a page on Facebook from my state of NH and our assignment is a shot of a shoe or book I thought of you for which there would be no problem 🙂
      Thanks for the well wishes for Mom she sounds happy I see her tomorrow 🙂 and yes weekly mowing of this place and weed trimming is going to kill me 🙂

  4. Looks like our zoo but we lack the lawns. Fortunately, the bears are staying up on their mountain, where they belong. The momma deer/does are busy introducing their kids/fawns to all of Peggy’s flowers. The garden is deer proof! Interesting mirror shot! –Curt

    1. Love that you have bears that behave 🙂 The deer usually browse at night so I never see what they are up too That was a 2 year old buck with velvet on his horns and I can only be thankful he did not spar with the mirror 🙂 Loved to see the two in our lower lawn beside the river and when they were done into the river and across they went to bed down for the night I can image what he told her about our yard I even have a shot of him playing with my wind chimes I think he digs this place , lol

  5. Nice to hear from you! It’s been pretty hot here the last couple of days so I’ve been sitting out evenings until the mosquitoes come! LOL! At least the ticks are less of a problem in the heat. Maybe we need turkeys too! Take care Eunice, and glad to hear you Mum is doing so well.

    1. The heat and bugs have been crazy and ac’s going non stop not so much for the heat but 75% humidity or more most days that they say shall break tonight. sunshine filled sky for another 4 days or more. So making up for winter 🙂 Yes you need Turkey or G. Hens but then they will eat what they want when hungry enough I share the lad with all that won’t kill us 🙂 We will see what is happening with heart tomorrow and if she checks out and is up to it she will drive once again I can not believe she made it through all that pain and out the other side very grateful Thanks so much HUGS

  6. When the deer and the bear comes this close I am a bit concern. I am glad you have very non violent plan to for them 🙂

    These are lovely pictures. Is that picture of you (younger you) ?

    1. Yes that’s me 🙂 I am concerned to but mostly of the bear those this young male was hanging with my wild turkey and they followed him all through the yard and if they felt safe guess it is why he did. Beautiful to see we are living kind enough to our earth that the creatures flock now if I could get a new lens these ones I use through windows are just not good enough 🙂

    1. OMG Yes well I think he was bewildered as he chose not to head but it 🙂 Tonight we had the Six Male Wild Turkey show as they do nightly before going up to roost and one was watching himself in the mirror and pecked at it sadly went away confused maybe I should put them away I do not want to case them to be neurotic 🙂

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