Writing Process Blog Tour has been making its way across WordPress and Christy Birmingham over at Poetic Parfait has asked me to join in by answering a few questions.  I hope I do it correctly as I am rusty in this department. 


Thanks again Christy!


The questions are:

What are you currently working on?
Besides caring for a home and pets most of you know I am prolific when it comes to photography.  Many of my shots can be seen at as well as on Zazzle products, Redbubble  and now Crated.  So I read blogs and re-blog ones I want my followers to get a chance of seeing and every now and then I pop in with an up date on life in my world.  I have not written a poem in a long time for 20 Lines but I think there will be some in the works soon.   I have taken up Watercolor painting and now with three lessons behind my I am ready to set about making art not craft.  So I am busy all the time updating images for products.
How does your work differ from others of its genre?
I am not sure that mine is any different from all of yours.  I sit and share my world with not only words but a few photos too like most of you I follow.  I think all story tellers of life are the same, though my life may be a little more open than others.
Why do you write what you do?
When I started my blog over at Living and Lovin  I really never knew the direction it would take but as I look back on the last 3+ years of posts I see it has taken as many turns as I did in my big rig.
I was so broken wanting more and little by little as I shared the stories and read yours I knew which path it was I had forgotten to take, the one where I would be Living and Lovin myself as I did everyone else.
How does your writing process work?
Well I can tell you as I sit quietly either early morning or after my day is done I put my feet up at the desk with that cute girl of mine at my feet.  He is in watching the TV and in fact he knows none of you and has never read my blog oh wait he did meet one of my blogger buddies from CA> when she was in Boston, MA  He was worried about me meeting a stranger lol see he doesn’t know you are friends.  It is not a secret but he lives with me and knows me and has since I was a young teen. For the longest time he never saw the photos he watched me take but when he did he insisted I DO SOMETHING probably the real reason I do not bring in the computer and sit it in his lap, for a good read.  Words come easy when I am talking to you.  I have such a great group of bloggers, you feel like friends who stop by to chat for hours over iced tea.  I know some have write’s block to deal with but what I write about is my world,  which means I am never at a loss for something to say.  I am blessed and for that I am so very grateful

I will now add a couple of the writers on my Blog Roll please stop by and tell them I sent you for some Iced Tea



13 thoughts on “BLOG TOURING

  1. Love this post Eunice. I think I’ve known you for a couple of years now… how time flies! And you have summed it all up so well, I can really relate. Hope you and your Mum are doing okay, and can enjoy some summer fun as well as work. Take care!

    1. Thanks Cathy s been awhile and love seeing your posts on my list 🙂

      Mom must be doing so much better as my brother and sister in law took her straight down into the hurricane with them, First I was mad then upset then I thought if I lost them all in a wreck our inheritance would split 3 ways lol mad again as no one called to say they made it so yes if she can travel 14 hours one way by car in torrential rain and 80 mph winds I will have a great summer 🙂 tides have turned and she is a miracle 🙂 for that I am blessed no more 2 and 3 days a week having to travel to her home to care for her 🙂 I hate being worried though I must STOP THAT Have a great Sunday!

      1. 🙂 I think she must be too! 1st storm gone next one on our doorstep humid and rain while CA burns up just not fair 😦

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