Good Morning

Mom is hurting with swollen legs once again but they say she is OK not sure what is going on but I will go as often as I can the 45 miles south and back till it resolves or I am broke :).  She is doing good except for this issue so we will see what they have in store for her next.

We tried to sell a few things yesterday at a yard sale in Maine but not too many buyers were out so money spent trying is at best crazy 🙂
I think I will cut my beaded bracelets up and place seed beads into their containers and use them in just two different types of beading projects and then charge triple 🙂

I will focus on Photography and Watercolor painting and getting the ones I love the best ready for a showing of just my pieces.  Time to strip old frames and lay down fresh paint on them to make the photos POP. Not sure I will want this artist reception but I do want sales to help with my future.

Here are a few from the last few days

Have a great week!

Now off to catch up on YOURS! 






23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Sorry to hear about mum and her legs, they have checked her heart out I gather? Your poppy painting is lovely as are the photos. Take care lovely and hugs to your mum, a bit of a worrying time for you xxx

    1. Thanks so much 🙂

      Yes her heart was once bad then good and now off to see a heart doc again I am sure 😦 A simple little water pill I wanted to give her last week to help but doctor told nurse to forget it and hung up on her HE WILL NOT HANG UP ON ME the pompous ass lol

  2. Good morning Eunice, I am sorry to hear the condition of your mother. Hope she gets better. The painting looks very nice. Good framing can go a long way too. Have a great week too!

    1. Thanks so much I am hoping she is better leg wise after a few days on Lasix for swelling.

      I have more to do on painting and photo is lousy but I can strip frames while down at my Moms to keep my mind off bad health oh and pull out her weeds 🙂

  3. Hi Eunice, so sorry your mum is still having problems with her legs .My mum had the same trouble, it is so upsetting not only for her but for all family you just don’t know what to do to help I know and the doctors will insist on giving out those dam water tablets when all they do is make you pee all the time. I could never see what help they ever did .Anyway I hope your mum is soon well again. Love your paintings Eunice especially the poppies.

    1. Thanks so much Rita xo yes she is now on them and I am sure after all the tests it is once again her heart though she is saying nothing. Legs now going dohe will try and run down the street at breakneck speeds 🙂

      I am trying to make the Poppies lighter more airy feel may have to lift more paint not knowing anything about painting this is when it is hard to Wing It! lol

      Have a wonderful week! Today we may hit 90F tomatoes, peppers, beans and squash will LOVE IT growing potatoes for the first time hope they li:)

      1. Yes ! its that sort of temperature here now. Hope your hard work in the garden pays off and all your tomatoes ,potatoes etc., flourish. Good luck anyway.

    1. Thanks photo of painting not so good at capturing the real background of lit yellows and dark and light blues 🙂
      Love New England can you tell 🙂

  4. Sorry to hear about your Mom, but you have to keep it positive and hope for the best! Your watercolors are AMAZING!!! I love your style, is different from other watercolors I saw and that’s refreshing! You definitively need to get a full time painter! I like your photo shots too, you’re in both cases a real artist, thanks for sharing! 😀

    1. Son I will have to pay you for saying nice things 🙂 Thanks so much I want to do Fine Artist work like Monet but sadly I can’t find that style so for now it is ALL ME 🙂

    1. Thanks yours is as always 🙂 I think she will get through this crisis with many runs to the ladies room just a week too late damn doctors out there almost felt gray hairs coming to my blonde head lol

    1. Thanks thought she was getting better but once again tonight she says they are huge I have more skin surgery come tomorrow morning so I stayed and cleaned and painted here I must make the trip down after face is cared for 🙂

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