First week of June is gone

Just finished catching up with over 300 more blog posts 🙂  I am trying but life seems to keep me from doing what I love to do a lot of the time so trying to relax and enjoy a nice Sunday night with all your pretty words and pictures.  WOW so many and I thought I was prolific 🙂

We are all fine yes even Mom though she is causing us to turn grey and I have none!  She is independent I know that doesn’t surprise any of you who know who I am.  She has a list though of things she can do and a bigger list of NO GO!  seems she has lost them in her hurry to get strong for us. 

Reality is no setting in watching my Mom age is not going to be easy for me not saying it should be but if only she would just kick back and relax so we can 😦  she says she will just scrape this one off really is that how cancer is remove last piece took 8 stitches 😦  Where your sunscreen!  I bought my first bottle in a lifetime and being blonde blue eyed you know I was looking for trouble maybe she can scrape away wrinkles too 🙂

I have painted and planted in between time with Mom some photos too if you follow me on Facebook or G+ I am sure you have seen them as I post easy from phone for family and friends to see but I will add a couple here for you to see 🙂

Hope you are all well




Now the next one is of my cat who is 13 I think she is pretending to be TAKE OUT!  I brought this box home with some annuals and she sleeps in it all the time we are out side 🙂


I will take her cat the same age as mine to the vet tomorrow after I take mine first thing in AM mine comes outside with us and hers got just Mother’s day on a leash though now he is always trying to get outside we created a MONSTER 🙂

JT hates summer being Black and all so we play in early morning outside and evening what’s one more bite mark on me.  I have had over 40 ticks and my man the same but the dog had one and the cat 4 looks like we should try Frontline too!  I even had to take a one time dose for tick bites.  The lawn has been mowed 5 times so far and really just to keep the Lyme carrying ticks at bay. 

I saw a few butterflies whip through the yard but not enough in bloom to keep them here lots of rain and cool temps till this week has stalled things a bit.

The yard is filling in nicely,  birds  are loving the place and all the food the bears have left for them to devour

They found more cancer on my face last week really I am the one finding them anyone need a free cancer screening for basil cell 😦


23 thoughts on “First week of June is gone

  1. Beeeeutiful pictures Eunice! And you sound so busy with your Mom and all the other things. Watch out for the ticks… Lyme can be devastating. I know because my niece has it.

    1. I have seem others with it so I pay attention to a crawling feeling and the medication I take kills them when they start to feed on me guess you could call that a perk or I should quit taking it 🙂

  2. Love your pictures Eunice. Take care of those tick bites… it’s risky here too and we keep our grass low and check our dogs all the time. We use a collar that is impregnated with a chemical that kills the ticks… it works better for ours than frontline.

    1. 😦 The prick of the needle sucks then it is pain free except knowing we must let doctors know we have had it I am waiting results for this 2nd one but I know what it looks like now 😦 Thanks I never know how the photos will look on others computers so thanks 🙂

      1. Oh I know! That needle is awful! I had the biopsy last week… so I know I’ll have to have that needle again when they remove the spot. 😦

      2. 😦 but then it will be off of you my thoughts will be with you first one a surgeon did now she is talking scraping this one off really? 😦 We shall get through it I am sure best of luck to you 🙂

  3. My, you do stay busy! You are a good daughter. Thanks for catching us up on your world. Stay cool this summer! And thanks for the recent visit to my blog.

    1. I am trying to live each day doing what I love having had too many days not allowed to do so 🙂 I rest a lot maybe too much now with a camera or paintbrush 🙂

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