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So far behind I saw I have 300 of your blogs I have yet to see.  Getting this place squared away is becoming a full time job and all I want to do is create.  Don’t feel bad 🙂 I work around here potting up flowers and cutting the lawn and am now thing of building a set of stairs leading down to the lower yard so I can weed whack easier.  We had a small straight tree fall one day and it has laid where we left it after cutting off all the limbs it is time for me to re-purpose.  I will make some cuts into the hill and add a piece of tree then cut a little further down and do another level till I am at the bottom and have used the whole tree!  Yes eventually it will rot and become one with the soil but it’s OK by then I will not want to mow this place anymore.  My man misses mowing so I have him do things around here I can’t.  Like he is taking the pieces from our gazebo and re-purposing them into a structure I can use as a greenhouse.  I will ask him to dig a root cellar too!  He has taken apart a generator for one piece to use on our windmill so we can do away with that bank of HUGE batteries and go direct from wind to plug I like the idea of living green and using things till they are trash and even then I recycle them into their proper container at the town dump.

Update on Mom she finds out today if she can come home which means I will go stay with her for 5 days a week at her home.  I will cook and clean for her. I will take her through her rehab moves and get her to appointments and do shopping for her.  My brother needs rest and less worry he is not well and if I can do this for the two of them it is the least I can do.  Since Dad died we have not been a close family pain and hurt and loss can do that or in some families it can make your stronger.  I will do all I can and not kick myself for things I can’t.  I have come a long way in a year and for that I am so grateful.

Just got word from son that the piece he sent to NYC Art Museum for a auction to help the gallery sold for more than $6,000.00 my wish is that he now sees himself as a true artist and not a troubled soul.  Good news from all sections of my life and yet more reasons to be filled with joy.

The birds greet me each morning with beautiful songs and the bears have not bothered us for awhile but I bring in seed for the night but then mice came in for seed and cat worked overtime 🙂 all is finally right and hole repaired!  Way I see it if a mouse can come in so can a SNAKE and that will not happen on MY WATCH!

I have been taking photos and adding them into my online stores with early morning coffee while the home is full of sleeping sounds from the three of them and in the evenings while watching my music shows The Voice and American Idol I paint.  I am trying to do a body of work as my teacher asked me to do.  I have chosen trees for now but have no idea of the best way to preserve them and keep them clean and ready to share when I am ready.  If you are an artist how do you do this?  I am too prolific to fame each piece and really just want them ready so when asked to show portfolio they look as nice as when I signed them.  Not sure what to do.  Most of mine are made to float not for mats.  So much easier to take a photo and sell them as prints or as a shower curtain or some bedding or maybe a card.  50 to 100 pieces of Watercolor Art is ALOT how do you do it?

I will leave you with one I just did and a photo or two of my flowers and my wish for you all here in the US is for a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend it will be my BLOGS anniversary when I first met some of you dear friends another reason for gratitude.  For those in other countries you know I wish you well and what ever the weather in your part of the world I hope you are enjoying it and getting out as well.  Life is too short to let it fly by.

I am working on catching up with as many of you as I can.  Have a great week!


Our State of NH flower has opened as well

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  1. What a beautiful post Eunice, Your mother is lucky to have such a caring daughter but I am sure she appreciates you anyway. I am so pleased about your sons artwork success ,also that you and your brother are becoming close again ,as you say life is too short to have any rifts in the family. But ! you are not listening to your fellow bloggers Eunice when we ask you not to work so hard. Easier said than done I know because I guess like me, that’s you nature. Take care. Love this blog post.

    1. I work smartly now tools are my friends 🙂 I must show you all what I have been doing here 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda hope all is well in your world stay safe on your road. How is the river rights etc going to change your world ben thinking of you HUGS

  2. You are such a kind soul, Eunice, and so willing to make the best of life. There simply must be a happy ending for you 🙂

  3. Lovely pictures Eunice – and so good to get an update on all that’s happening over there. When I woke up this morning I decided “Life is too short” will be my motto this summer… so great minds think alike, as they say! What you don’t get done today you can do tomorrow… that’s what I say! Hope your Mum gets fit again really soon. Take care, and hope that shoulder’s better now!

    1. Thanks Cathy how cool same page again! Yes I work that way I work, rest, eat protein, I work and then I rest feet up right now shoulder feeling awesome 🙂 shoveling dirt for the better part of the day I want this place inviting and a joy to enjoy. So hard to walk down to river and look for turtles and play with my pup so it was time to try something. I even took the grass up first and wheeled it over to plant where I want a lush green spot to be. It is good for me to stay busy when I sit and mope I think about trucking 🙂 I am really lucky I own this place outright just taxes and utilities and food life truly is GOOD 🙂

      I was commissioned to paint a pair of Birch Trees for a friend’s 2 yr old grandchild’s birthday on the 22nd 🙂 can’t believe she asked me to paint for such an important occasion 🙂 she is so good to me.

  4. Looks like you do enjoy what you are doing 🙂 and those are beautiful pictures (from real objects and from those created by you :)).

  5. Lovely pictures, good news about mum, I know you will do what is necessary, please remember as I get told..think about you throughout it all and don’t burn out ❤ good that you are becoming close to your brother, my relationship with mine is so so, we just don't gell. We are pleasant to each other, but I can't relate to him, but I think we are fine with that, as we are used to it. Wow 6000.00 that is so amazing! Yes he is an artist 🙂 take care hun, looking after others, pottering around the house and creating your masterpieces and also look after you 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks so much HUGS coming across to you
      I can only do what I can do and will not feel bad if I can not do it all 🙂

  6. You are a good soul, Eunice. It comes through on your blog. As for weed whacking on my steep hill… the steps sound like a great idea. I will put it on my to do list of items unlikely to get done. (grin) –Curt

    1. 🙂 JT doesn’t seem to think I did a good job so far 🙂 she goes AROUND and thanks for you warm kind words if I leave this earth better it is all I can hope for 🙂

  7. I almost had to catch my breath just reading all that you are doing or will be doing….remember to take some ‘me’ time….’great painting’….. Diane

    1. 🙂 Thanks! I am beat getting ready to share photos of what I have been doing a little each day 🙂 Pacing myself so I can paint 🙂

  8. Wow! Your hands are full indeed. I wish I can do the projects you make, but alas! I do not have the skills. Congrats on your son having sold an artwork, all the best to your mother and to all. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for following along and keeping up 🙂 it is not easy and we are all born with skills 🙂 we just need to step forward and TRY 🙂 show me when you do!

  9. Dear Eunice,
    I have such a lot of news to catch up on. You must be so proud of your son. And I hope you are not running yourself ragged taking care of your mom. I do know how hard that can be, as I took care of my mom after she got sick. Good luck with your painting!
    Best wishes,

    1. I am very proud of him better yet he is starting to love who he is 🙂

      She has made such great strides and pain free so we can exhale thanks so much

      Ah the painting now that is my stress free time 🙂

      1. I know right till and turn buy all those special good for us seeds water and weed pick and eat then gone I hate that part I heard on Facebook 30 weeks till winter 😦 I need another spring 🙂

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