Happy Mother’s Day

I know I am a day early but it has been crazy in my world as of late.

My Mom suffered for 8 moths with a horrid back pain and finally on the same day I had my shoulder surgery she got a much-needed injection.  Mine was a success as was hers!

Problem is when we, who are independent and having spent so much time in pain,  finally feel relief , WATCH OUT!!!!   Yes she could not believe she could stand up and walk without a cane or walker and I was in so much less pain I had a yard to ready for the impending spring weather.  So she did something she shouldn’t have,  like yanking a plastic wheel barrel and doing some raking and I helped build a concrete wall with my sweetie taking turns to mix cement now that may have not been so bright but it was a good workout!  I also went around with the help of JT and picked up all branches that had fallen this winter and piled them up yes a HUGE PILE!  I then gathered all the clippings from garden club plants now filling my food garden area and readied them for a fire as well.  Yes I have been working hard not only in the yard but at PT as well I finally get to see the surgeon on Monday morning.

Back to my Mom she tweaked her back and then rested but after I left she showered and went to get into bed with her aching back and swollen knee(HUGE KNEE-torn meniscus they now say) and  as she attempted to slide into bed with protecting her bum knee she ripped her whole muscle off her Tibia and the hip socket area she says she wants to die.  The pain is that bad all as she lies in a rehab hospital in Boston I spend most of my days in tears and praying for her to recover though she insists she wants to join my Dad.  I fail when it comes to giving her the will to live.  I told her growing old is not for sissies.  Pain no matter what age sucks we all know that and I feel helpless.

So I have spent the recent days looking up into the heavens for answers as well as capturing its beauty.

Sorry I pop in only once a week for the most part but I do use 2 readers and go through a list you are all on and if you show up on that days section I LIKE you 🙂

I will travel to see Mom for a little while on Mother’s Day you what will you do to celebrate the day?





I also sit with my large container of water a few brushes and paint and try to relax from all this worry.

as I watch cement and paint dry my wish will always be for PEACE be it worldwide or of mind.


Take care of yourselves if you are young and be extra careful if you have had lots of birthdays like me



25 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Oh sweety sorry to hear about mum, my thoughts are with you both. It’s tough seeing them in pain…and as for you young lady mixing cement with a bung shoulder, what were you thinking? Have a lovely Mother’s Day, REST and give your mum a big ol gentle hug from me. We are out for lunch with the family, another day of eating. Lol hugs xox

    1. Yes I shall and I paced myself and ruined nothing inside 🙂 all is well with me I AM TOUGH AS NAILS ouch 🙂

      EAT EAT AND EAT AGAIN now to make something Mom will enjoy me sneaking in 🙂

  2. Hi Eunice, Oh dear me I am so sorry to hear your mothers is in hospital again. That’s the trouble with us old uns, pardon the pun ! we don’t give in do we. Its all about independence I suppose. Now you have a great MOTHERS DAY too, and we are all telling you to rest…….rest. .rest and give that shoulder plenty more time to heal, even though you are one tough cookie.

    1. HUGS thanks Rita Seems if we slow down and quit we die 🙂 I am all for making it to my 99th birthday 🙂 I do rest a lot with my paints 🙂

  3. Oh I am so sorry about your Mom. Not a good way to spend Mother’s Day for either one of you…your mom in pain and you sick with worry
    I wish you both well and happier by tomorrow.

    1. Love you and thanks so much xo We will go with a just out of the oven Cheesecake I made from Tricia Yearwood’s r. box 🙂 Hope every one there will take a sliver or at least the ones unable to be with family.

  4. What a week you have had Eunice! I hope your poor Mum mends really soon, and wish you a nice visit tomorrow… and you take it easy too. If you overdo it you’ll end up back at square one! Take care! xx

    1. Thanks Cathy looking forward to seeing what they will ask her to do in order to rehab something that is so rare to happen 😦 I have rested for a week now 🙂 I want to make it to OLD AGE 🙂

  5. Eunice, you do have it rough sometimes! There’s nothing worse than seeing someone you love suffer. Nothing I can send but hugs and prayers.

    1. I so appreciate that too we will all head out shortly to visit. she fell out of her hospital bed last nights so messed up 😦 I made a huge cheesecake that can feed the whole ward 🙂 I too do not know what to do as she has lost her will to go on 😦

      1. How old is she, hon? No-one has to go on, Eunice, and I often think that I’ll know when I’ve had enough. Such a shame though that she’d had that great recovery from her op and now all this.

      2. I know and last night she fell out of her strange bed in rehab 😦 We all went to see her and my brother snuck her cat in that she misses so badly and he her and we took JT and spent 3 1/2 hrs out in the beautiful city of Boston under a tree in full bloom. cat has never been out of her home in 14 years except vet appointments and it laid on the sidewalk with our dog priceless to just see them chill and make Mom smiles she was so out of it on pain meds I fought back tears all day she will only be 79 😦 I am praying she will come back to us. She tore the muscle off her tibia up where it meets thee socket for the hip they say it is a very rare injury and no surgery can be done to reattach so now in rehab to learn to walk in pain 😦

      3. I thought she might be older, Eunice. That’s a total nightmare. Hugs, darlin. No use I know- just makes you feel so helpless!

      4. I appreciate all the support and thoughtful words and prayers that have been said xo Today she sounds ready to fight and get well after seeing the cat and all of us getting along and laughing 🙂 I got a shot in shoulder and told to USE MY ARM yeay now for my YARD 🙂

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