Sunrise and Wild Turkey

No morning and actual Wild Turkey greeted me as I woke late this morning.

A few ducks joined in as well and a random Hawk and a bunch of my small birds who love the full feeders I hang out for them.
I even saw a male Finch and he was wearing his bright Yellow outfit. I can now relax. Surgery is set for the 17th of April.  Everything is just about perfect except we are set to get slammed again this time some snow but 40 to 70 mph winds depending on which station you listen too.  So I will fill the feeders and keep the shovels by the door tonight and come morning be prepared to feed a flock of  25 to 35 wild turkeys along with all my doves, juncos, black birds, blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, robins, titmouse and the ducks.  When it is nasty they all stop by to see me for something to eat now all I have to worry about is keeping the hawk from picking them off.  I have trained JT to bark and let me know when she sees one and then I just step outside and off it goes.  I have hundreds of acres beside and behind me it can shop at.

So here is a couple of shots of the place today.











4 thoughts on “Sunrise and Wild Turkey

  1. I too have several feeders and love to watch them. I asked a ‘birder’ once why sometimes I look out and no birds for quite some time… and she said that they likely ‘sensed’ some hawk or something …. maybe a cat in the area and so ‘hid’ from them…. Diane

    1. True they catch on quick as they see their buddy killed and hauled away so I do everything in my power to keep these ones safe while they depend on the feeders the Hawks can eat rodents of which there are man but feeders are so easy for them to find a meal 😦 I love that JT is so smart and helps me she just wants a happy mommy 🙂

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