I took one, three hour class to see if I would like painting again and to see what Watercolor was all about.  My teacher was terrific and from Russia.  It was during the games in Sochi.

I had signed up on really a whim and on the night I attended, at a local high school adult education course I was not alone.  There were seven of us and one of which was there to learn Acrylics so as she learned so did we.  The class was fun and fast paced as I would soon learn so was the art of Watercolor.

She taught us about resist, loading up your brush with a juicy mix of pigment and how important it was to have lots of fresh, clean water too.

At the end of the class we had new skills.  We had been taught a way with in which to relax and let go. To feel your work as it flowed onto our 140 pound cold pressed paper.  Life was good till I got home then the fun began!

Each day I try to take an hour sometimes more and sit with my brushes, pigments and a huge bucket of water and do some technique.
I have a friend who is amazing with her paints and she gives me tips and links to videos on YOUTUBE to help me learn even more.  So I am learning and watching and trying and will do so probably for as long as there is paper for me to lay a stroke of paint onto. 

I am not proficient of course having just had a three hour lesson but I am having so much fun that I signed up to go to my teachers studio twenty minutes away and see what else I can learn from a pro.  I am having trouble with pine trees as I do not want to paint a real tree but really an obscure, sort of abstract one.  I know it will come in time as I pick up new equipment here and there I am sure good brushes will really make the difference.  My friend usually does her masterpieces on 300 pound cold pressed paper but for now till I learn the steps in getting the image in my head out onto the paper and I am happy I will stick to the cheaper ones.

I can not leave you without sharing one I did now don’t laugh I am new to this usually I just paint the house and barn!

Take a lesson on something new at a local school and just have FUN!!!!  Life is hard enough on most of us.  I am calling doctor today to book my surgery for shoulder to get it done with to hopefully lessen all the pain of the last seven months the heck with the snows that fall and trust me there will be snow here in New England but as I have been watching the birds pair up and chase each other I know I can handle what ever mother nature throws our way.

So here is my first attempt  with cheap paper, cheap store bought watercolors and some salt and rubber cement 🙂

I also have visitor’s not like you all do mine usually are very wild,  here are a few lousy shots through the window as light was leaving for the day.  A Mother Deer and her young.  She looks healthy but not pregnant so maybe there will be no fawn prancing in the yard but I must remember this winter was brutal for not only us but them as well.


Have a great week everyone and stay safe in your travels.


29 thoughts on “Watercolors

  1. Keep up the good work Eunice ! You have color sense anyway so painting should come naturally to you especially that you enjoy it. There is nothing like a new project to get your teeth into. Have more fun then.

    1. Thanks so much I just wanted to make a funky snow covered mountain but make it a pretty day 🙂 Surgery is set for April 29th if insurance company approves it 🙂

  2. That’s my idea of fun! Good for you, glad you took the opportunity to get back at it – wonderful 1st and now I’m sure we’ll be seeing many more. I like your sense of adventure with the piece.

    1. looks this way because I never see mountains in the winter 🙂 only in my head 🙂

    1. 🙂 I wish I had not been behind glass but she seemed to know someone was watching her 🙂

  3. wow, that’s a beautiful first effort, good on you for taking the leap! i always found watercolors to be profoundly difficult, to keep the overlaying colors clean and pure takes a lot of patience and skill. more please! 🙂

    1. OH you are so kind 🙂 I have weird visions in my head I try to get out of the tip of my paintbrush or edge of a old ATM card lol Just having fun wetting the paper and watchcolors mix on there own I am such a control freak this was a huge step no longer am I in control 🙂 I am a HAPPY GIRL once again and yes I am sure you all will be subjected to more lol

    1. Thanks so much I booked for the end of the month hung up and they called to say they had an earlier date so now day before Good Friday I see lots of Choc. for Easter 🙂

  4. Your first attempt is very good…. I think you have an ‘eye’ for art and you’ll do well… ‘are you sure she’s not pregnant… ha! that’s how much I know…. Diane

    1. You know I looked at her belly and that cut may say a fawn might visit us in May/June how sweet to be working the earth and have a wee one be shown off : Thanks for the comment on my mountain lol I had so much fun getting lost in it I never really cared if it looked OK so very relaxing for me to just watch colors mix on the paper 🙂 I do have a bracelet top make for a friend and my glass to fuse when it gets warmer but I do adore this low impact outlet 🙂 Thanks for cheering me on last night I did three abstracts full of color and used salt for fun additions to the scene.

  5. Your work is beautiful for one who had three hours of learning time. You have the latent talent and it can only get better with practice and time. 🙂

    1. You are so kind bless you. So much to learn and so many choices cot press or hot press 140lb or 300lb I paint with the cheapest paints from Walmart and some from a talented friend as she had some student grade she gifted me. She uses lots of ink on 300lb. I like the idea of traditional 140lb as my instructor from Russia has taught me in that class. Thanks again for your visit I really do appreciate it

  6. Good for you for picking up the brushes again. You have a very good start here-enjoy the process. I too have started to paint again and presently just doing free style like a kid again. It is fun!

    1. I feel the same way young and carefree no masterpieces but FUN 🙂 tonight I did 4 🙂 Watercolors are FAST. Have a wonderful time with your pigments 🙂 and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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