I have enjoyed sharing about my illustration career. On this blog there are almost 2,000 images. This will be my last post as I am concentrating on writing a book based on my life entitled, “Music From Her Heart.”

I find the blog format fascinating, as my stories about my illustration career “unfolded” in their own way. I had no idea when I started writing my blog where it would go.

All of my stories, tips and information move forward from the first post. Therefore, because the blog’s format is backwards, this last entry has become the conclusion! However, because it is the “Home Page,” it is important for me to explain a few things that I have shared earlier in my blog. There are people reading this who have not seen anything else I’ve written.

I have already shared many of my “Portfolio Pieces,” but they have been…

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    1. No Rita this is Judy who is doing a book I try to show where it is a re-blog but so few see those words 🙂 I no longer have to write a book I am CURED! Well maybe trucking stories 🙂

      1. Yes Eunice sorry ! I realized after I had posted my reply to you. A book about your trucking days would be great ! How are you ? is your shoulder improving and the stitches in your face healing. You are such a brave soul.

      2. OK I am not sure how my re-blogs look yours maybe different I can usually get a link from you I can LIKE first them go see the re-blog in it’s entirety.

        Stitches came out Monday afternoon I am a little worried about a infection sop I will hold a warm compress on it tonight the add more antibiotic on the area with his handiwork our no more pain :

        Now for my shoulder I want it done and then again I am scared to let the doc go in 😦 pain is horrible with certain movements but if I just paint I won’t need left arm 🙂

        Not brave Rita just determined once again to love the life I have. With the ex passing away smile is bigger check to live on is too 🙂 which takes worry off a little each day. Wish he could have changed his ways but I hurt too bad waiting for him to 😦

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