Skin Cancer

Ok now I know if I was good I would have added photos to get the point across even better but they are just plain ugly as is cancer of any kind.

Please don’t use sun tanning beds.

Don’t roast and roll as I did for years.

Always wear SUNSCREEN!!!!!

8 Stitches on my face

Huge amounts of swelling

Black eye

All are a reminders of how careless I was about my health.
Please protect your children as well.

They did not have sunscreen when I was young but I know I never would have worn it anyway.
I was out for the glow!
Blondes look pretty when they are tan you know what I mean.
Well if I have any more scars than this one down the road I know I did it to myself but it is too late for regrets

So protect your SKIN

33 thoughts on “Skin Cancer

  1. Excellent advice Eunice, I too bathed in the sun when young, not a good idea as you say. But don’t need to here in Crete it catches you just walking out. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Yes Monday can not get here soon enough for him to remove them 🙂 I will attend a huge Flower Show in the AM in Boston wish I could cover up the whole area but I do not think masks are allowed 🙂

  2. So sorry. I am very fair and have had a squamous removed from my hand a few years ago. But this last summer, I tentatively (at first) tried using coconut oil as a natural sunscreen. I did not burn all summer! Except once after swimming laps at noon. So I will do regular sunscreen if water is involved. But you might want to search out the properties of coconut oil. Pretty amazing.

  3. Eunice, I have hit “like” in support of you, but it is not nice that you have skin cancer. This is what I believe you are saying here.
    I’m thinking you are okay now, and the scar will fade.
    I will always use sunscreen from now on. I am guilty of being a 50% of the time user. Hugs!

    1. Thanks I am glad you will use it more or cover up on the work part of the day. Yes this scar too will heal 🙂

  4. Good message, I have tried to be very careful in my adult years, hoping the years of sunburn when I was child won’t be too bad. It was the same here, no one had heard of sunscreen, getting sunburnt every summer, time and time again, was just part of life. My kids have been brought up to be very careful around the sun, and always wear a hat, put on sunscreen.

    1. We have learned so very much since the 50’s haven’t we 🙂 no wonder we are the wise ones 🙂

    1. You too! Yes I knew I was waiting playing with fire in the late 80’s and 90’s “)

  5. I still flirt with the sun 🙂 I can’t help myself, Eunice. But I am a lot more careful than I once was. At least this was treatable for you, but you’ll be glad when it’s all just a memory.

    1. Yes on Monday I have 3 more spots I want him to look at 😦 I will now garden early and late and stay in the shade with my black dog in the heat of the day

  6. Over here in our sun loving country, I had years of lying out in the sun for hours every day, lathered in baby oil or coconut oil or cooking oil! Fortunately I have my fathers skin and did not burn (very often) I love being tanned, I feel so much better, but for the last 2 years I haven’t sunbaked as I did and put on fake tan. If I go out it’s usually when I have to garden etc. How careful we must be, there are young teenagers dying here from developing skin cancer. You have been very lucky E and your scar will heal unlike some more unfortunate ones. Good advice. xx

    1. Yes we here in the 60’s and 70’s used baby oil with iodine I worked in the elements 15 hrs every day so that I had it appear was not a surprise and I am so grateful it was not the kind that could kill me. The plastic surgeon said I caught it early by paying attention others come in when he has to remove something the size of a US silver dollar 😦

    1. My Mom is tested for that every 6 months you heal quick and thanks so much my was the least evil so I better behave 🙂

    1. Thanks! Stiches out this afternoon 🙂 I plan on behaving myself from now on 🙂 better late than never

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such troubles. When I was a gardener I spent every day out in the sun because I had to. So far no bad results, but I’m also blonde and I wonder what might be lurking in the shadows.
    I hope you’ll be well now. Take care.

    1. Thanks so much 🙂
      I had the stitches removed yesterday and asked about two more spots that he promptly froze. I got the scoop from him a plastic surgeon if you see something that doesn’t belong ASK! Be aware like me and demand someone look again and again. Also if the spot on your skin itches and bleeds or has a pearl look to the very outer edge have it biopsied. Better safe than sorry. Yes he said tanning beds are sending lots of 20 year olds in to his office 😦 I will garden differently this year and again thanks 🙂

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