Cleaning Your Fountain Pen – A Beginner’s Guide

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Your handmade fountain pen will need some regular maintenance to keep in tip top shape.  Since fountain pens use an ink that needs to flow from the ink reservoir to the nib, it needs to be clean to function properly.  Whether the ink is in a cartridge or supplied via an ink converter, the pen  needs to remain clean.

Basics About Fountain Pens

Handmade Fountain Pen from Gabon Ebony and ChromeMost problems with fountain pens stem from dried ink that get in the path of the ink flow.  This can occur in the nib, the converter assembly, or barrel.  The key to a well-performing fountain pen is to regularly clean these assemblies to keep them in good working order.

Use distilled water instead of tap water.  Distilled water does not contain minerals and other ingredients that can build up and clog the pen over time.  Hot water shouldn’t be used as a general rule, as it could…

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