Cleaning out the clutter one spot in the house each day.

Shredding paper from my past that with the ex husbands death is no longer needed.

I am adding it all to my soil in hopes of a lush green garden.

I will give away things I no longer need.

I will sell some things on EBay to make my life easier.

I shall go through photo albums last and throw away all photos that no longer move me or are not quite good enough for future generations to come across there goes another 100 pounds of clutter!

So do you have STUFF you no longer want or need or are you traveling sideways through your spaces?
Clutter is weighing us down in many ways but mostly emotionally.  Set it FREE!

Here is a neat way laid out here for you.

Wonder what kind of treasure I will find within the TRASH!


14 thoughts on “CLUTTER

  1. Good luck with your plans to de-clutter! Since I am the proverbial “neat freak” it would take me a full year to come up with 40 bags. Still, there are always spots and as I get older I am more afraid to get rid of things that “I might need or want later.” What an interesting post Eunice.

    1. Thanks saw it on FB and wanted to do my part of letting others know where to begin when letting go!

      I want my home so clean, minimalist clean it will never happen but I am making a attempt to get closer to my goal

  2. Every once in a while I get an uncontrollable urge to organize. Usually it gets lost in the day to day of other priorities. Your 40 bags in 40 days sounds like a good approach, Eunice. –Curt

    1. I thought it was worthy of SHARING as I have begun to let go of all emotional tonnage and material STUFF as well


  3. I had a good clear out after Christmas – loads of old teaching books in labelled boxes for the attic, old clothes for the charity bin, and lots and lots of rubbish! Doesn’t it make you feel lighter?! 😀

    1. Oh my yes that it does I have one for trash one for charity and one for sale 🙂

  4. you see how much stuff you have when you move. Oh my gosh. I am exhausted packing it all up !! I have gotten rid of a lot too, lol !!!
    Sounds like you are really making your place more comfortable and might even make a few dollars too !!!

    1. From your lips 🙂 I live with a man who is a collector so it is a constant battle 🙂

  5. Funny you should mention looking through photos and getting rid of ones that are really no use for others to keep… I just was thinking that yesterday. There’s a large plastic box under the bed and when I was looking through it .. I thought that eventually when our children have to look through it they won’t know or want to keep a lot of them… It’s a project I think I’ll work on… Diane

    1. I went through filing cabinets today and shredded. I will trash photos unless they have family members in them and I will add info on back when and where and add to an envelope and send them to them to decide upon 🙂 Another 25 pounds of unneeded paperwork shredded today 🙂 The compost pile will have to work overtime 🙂

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