Plant These For The Bees

Show some love for your Bees

Romancing the Bee

I’ve shoveled out of the snow and ice and I’m thinking Spring!  This is inspiring me today…


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8 thoughts on “Plant These For The Bees

    1. Mine too with all the ones from the list I am trying to establish 🙂 I get free honey for my good deeds from the bee man 🙂

  1. Always a good thing to plant more for the bees and replace turf grass, but the problem is far deeper for our pollinators than just not enough to eat in our gardens. Farming practices have caused much of the issues, loss of hedgerows, deadening the soil, to pesticides.

    1. I fear we will never do enough to right the ship of doom but my local bees love me 🙂

  2. Odd that the first thing I saw on the list was “buttercups.” My Mom loved buttercups. I will plant them for her and for the bees. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very welcome I only have them it seems in spring but you are right one of the first along with the tiny violets were the first bouquets I picked for Mom. Thanks for the memories that just pour she is not doing well.

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