So much happens day to day doesn’t it

We have had a few days where it got warm,  well warm after what we have dealt with.  Then we had ice and I mean horrible stuff! We would chop and chop when the sun warmed it and then while we rested each evening,  it would freeze up all over again.

I know before long it will be just and ugly memory.   Soon we will  be seeing  joy spread across our country and gardens bloom once again.  It will fill us with hope and warmth,  which is where I am at today.

Some of you who  follow me on Facebook know the story,  as do most who have read my stories from long ago.  You know I got hurt bad but I survived.  I have loved and lost only to love again.  It really is just basic life isn’t it. Ups and downs,  give and take.


  Well the electric bill is so high and 100 gal. of propane cost over $440 and lasts but 3 weeks if we are lucky.  We live on a fixed income, as we are both retired and the checks we get each month are divided up for all of our bills.  Sometimes we can do something fun and other times we find fun close to home. We are better off than many but still poor when it comes to income brought in, so when they refused to bring me more propane on Friday or even to let me order another 100 gal.because we had a $160.00 balance and no income till 8 days later I had to ask the town for help and then I had to do what I tried not to do. I had to ask for fuel assistance.

Now if you know me you know that  it angers me to have to request help.  I am hit by someone doing something wrong and left unable to make the income I used to depend on and they go about their business,  still driving a bus and making good money.  I guess I go from angry to sad but on this day something changed.  I mentioned to the woman taking our application for help that maybe when I hit 60 I could get the Social Security I worked so hard for, as I was the surviving spouse. She looked at me and asked if they said those exact words to me and I answered yes.  She asked me to go home and call the government office as she believed it meant my ex-husband  had died and I was entitled to it now.  Well I did and they confirmed he had indeed passed away and I would now get his check if it was more than mine.  So I made an appointment  for after my birthday and in between surgeries to bring in my marriage certificate into them so they had proof we were married the required amount of years.  Now remember I drove a rig over three million miles and worked hard and missed out  on so many things others enjoyed,  because I LOVED trucking.  So once I go in with this certificate,  I will find out if I can come off State aid and really that is all I am praying for.  I want to be independent again.

While going through paperwork looking for a piece of paper I thought I had thrown away in 1995 I came across so many documents I would no longer need. So out came the paper shredder and I began to rid myself of all that really no longer mattered.  With each piece that got fed through the blades, the weight of it all was not only freeing but sad.  I guess after having a restraining order for over 15 years on him and holding on to all of our records just in case I would need them was 14 years too long.  I made a dent in the massive boxes of trucking paperwork we had amassed in our 15 years of marriage.  The first load was placed into the compost bin where it will sit and be covered by kitchen scraps and breakdown into something good.  It will become beautiful rich soil, for new life to grow  in.  I could not think of a better way to deal with all of this.

So with all of this on my plate I will wander in and out of my blog adding a new one here or there as time allows for and a few interesting blogs from those I follow.  I will do more of this purging and cleaning and letting go and spend my days feeling free from worry.  I will smile more I am sure.  I am sad he destroyed so much and in the end himself but I will pray for him to finally be able to rest in peace, as it is what I wish for each and every troubled soul.

I will continue to read your blogs in my readers,  WP and Feedly and try to keep up,  as I love you all and what you do is important.  You keep it real, you show us pretty places and you write so eloquently. I love the poetry and the stories you tell and I will forever be thankful for the kindness you have shown me.  I am not going anywhere just trying to get my act and home in order so I can have the procedures done and put my feet up in the sun with all of you and enjoy what life has in store.

Talk again soon


12 thoughts on “So much happens day to day doesn’t it

    1. Will do and thanks!
      While it is cold I will paint, bead and clean and when the warmth arrives gardening and recovery it is a plan I look forward to along with your beautiful poems.

  1. You must know there a lot of people out here in cyberspace who are pulling for you. The rainbow is nearby and I know you will be coming to a sunshiny place very soon.

    1. Thanks push forward and never give up on TOMORROW! Best part is never having to look back all is just perfect in my world in the end so worth what I learned once I was still

  2. I’m glad that you will be in a better place it seems financially and in other ways.. maybe a little respite from the stress. My husband and I are fortunate that he gets a pension (and we get the gov’t pensions) because last month our propane was $600 for a little over a month. We’re finding it tight too… the cost is so high… We’re hoping it goes down… Diane

    1. Amen to that! I have a load of another 100 gallons arriving soon and soon a $400 electric bill I will look at a place to sell jewelry on line maybe just EBAY quick and easy 🙂 I charge 1/3 of what others do as it is a hobby not a business 🙂 Take care and stay warm I heard my Male Cardinals singing this morning a sure sign it is almost time to party OUTSIDE 🙂

  3. I think that composting exercise was a very good idea – time to forget all that stuff from the past. 😀 I do hope those financial issues get sorted quickly too – and in your favour Eunice! Hope you get some warmer weather soon.

    1. Thanks so much Cathy I will have HAPPY SOIL I can feel it 🙂

      I have great news even though it was 10 degrees F when I woke my beautiful Red Cardinal was Bright Red and sing songs of spring for his sweetheart .
      It was a sign all is right and spring will arrive in a few weeks and we will have chances of frost till the end of May like it always is. Today was peaceful
      🙂 but COLD lol

  4. Oh wow, a literally cleaning out, both in the house and in your heart. You are suffering so, and so unjustly so. How I wish I could reach out and give you a big hug. perhaps after this bitter winter, it’s time for you to move somewhere where its warm. 🙂

    1. If you came here you would never want to leave it is that beautiful and now forever peaceful thanks so much I felt your HUG XO Should I ever buy another rig you may see me 🙂

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