Yes More Snow They Say

Sorry I am so seldom on here and so few of you actually show up in the  WP READER that I follow,  for when I have time to check in now and then.  You see we are having, as far as I am concerned, a winter from hell.  Now the skiers, snowmobilers and snowboarders LOVE IT!  It is all in how you look at things and when all I see is WHITE I am far from impressed! 

So I took a Watercolor class it was only three hours long but between the colorful woman from Russia who taught it and the pallet of gorgeous colors I brought to choose from, those three hours were just what the doctor ordered.

After trying to beat the ice covered yard I GAVE UP!  I never give up but I was truly defeated by all this #*%&!  Thirty four days till SPRING and that will not mean this snow will end, you see here in New England it is not over some years until we are into MAY!  They say global warming I say BULL!   It has been brutal here with not only the snow but bitter cold and we are getting another eight inches or more tonight they say blizzard conditions and I am tired of blogging like I am a weather forecaster.  You know I even left 10 inches of snow on the roof, we just could not move anymore and were not safe up there in 40 mile per hour winds so enough is enough.   I would wave a white flag but surly only the bear and coyote would see me and I would scare my little birds away as if the Eagle, Coopers Hawk and Sharp Shinned ones don’t do that already. 🙂

So last night I sat with my paints and began to pick up pretty colors and in a Monet fashion I added pretty colors to the white paper in what they say is a wash.  They are now dry and I love the look of these small pieces of paper, now I will try to add some interest in the foreground not even sure I am supposed to do it this way as it was only a three hour class.  Seems like this is how I roll.  I learn the basic points and go off on my own I guess I never really saw myself that much of a rebel but indeed I guess I am.

What do you all do when weekends roll around or on an evening when you scream out UNCLE?  See I don’t drink or smoke or go out dancing any more so I make things,  so I stay out of trouble.

I take photos too when it is not dark out and here are a few of my world these days but you are probably tired of hearing about lousy weather too.

Since all I plan on adding to the inside of these garden walls this year are Sunflowers we dump the snow inside, now it maybe May till I can poke my finger in the soil a half inch to drop the seed.  Spring is coming isn’t it?  I should pray it come slowly or the house will be surly under water if we get nasty flooding you see there is no rhyme or reason some of you have nothing and us TOO MUCH.

JT popped her new  orange ball, so I took this one out and then I bought her another larger one, Pink Minnie Mouse but when storm is coming I throw it in the back seat of the truck so we can find it come morning.


 This is up against the Lilacs I chopped in half,  between my brutal pruning and all this, that will melt, I am sure they will be MONSTERS again.
Before the last storm.

We will sit and wait for the next 8 inches to arrive this afternoon and he just told me he will go up on the roof now to get some weight off of it before the next storm arrives one good thing if we fall the snow banks around the house are so high we won’t fall far.

Always the silver lining!

Have an awesome weekend.

47 thoughts on “Yes More Snow They Say

  1. Storm after storm after storm. We watch the winter forecasts and feel sorry for the folks in New England, Eunice. At least JT seems happy with his ball. And good for you on the water colors. You will have to post some of your work. –Curt

    1. Thanks for thinking of us up here like I said I want spring and now it must come slowly or we will loose homes to floods 😦 She adores her toys but lately she is lucky if I can kick it for her 😦

      If I can make anything pretty enough to share I will do that Curt thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  2. OMG Eunice! You have really had it with weather. Great idea to take the art class. I have that on my bucket list now. A great way to get your mind onto beautiful colors instead of white, white, white. And poor JT! You are all good troopers for sure. Chin up. “This too shall pass.” Guaranteed.

    1. Thanks Dor I was hoping you had escaped the nasty stuff as well. Sadly the east will be lush and green and the west a dried up hell not sure if it is man made or the way our planet reacts to having so much industry etc. I shall never have to us much white in my Watercolors 🙂 maybe a touch for highlight TAKE THE CLASS NOW no bucket list just DO IT or buy supplies and watch YouTube they are free and all right there though a class with drinks and fun company always trumps me being holed up alone.

  3. Yes Eunice, I agree with Dora above comment. You have just about had your fill of this years winter weather. I even feel guilty living in a warm country and feel so sorry for you and all others having to put with those awful storms and heavy snowfalls . If its any consolation we suffer when the weather here is so hot you can’t breath even air conditioning doesn’t always help. Everything shrivels up in the garden and becomes so dry and everyone just wants to sleep which I hate as I feel that wastes your life away. Well on a more cheerful note I love all your photo’s even the ones of the snow. Stay cosy and keep up with those paintings. Hope all snow clears away soon and no floods. Take care Eunice.

    1. Thanks Rita 🙂 I know we always see grass as being greener but there is no paradise to be had on this beautiful planet we share though I was think San Diego might be nice 🙂 Heat and no water, cold and no fuel to heat what a place we all share 🙂 I will just have to paint more and complain less 🙂

  4. I can only send my heartfelt sympathy for all that snow. I wanted snow so much but am now glad we didn’t get much… hope you both take care and the roof can take the weight. 8 inches is a lot! 😉

    1. Yes we have ice and 6 or 8 up there now and with 6 to 8 tonight I will sleep lightly and when the 50 mph winds stop we will go up and walk carefully when I am up there I always worry one leg will fall through 🙂

  5. IT seems like another world to us down in Dallas !!! We have been cold, but not much ice and snow, and none were we are, all have been either south or north of our little town so just cold We are warming up for a week and then not sure what is going on. I cannot even imagine that kind of snow, even when we have gotten the rare foot of snow, it is gone in a few days !!
    Stay warm and keep creating !! I hope you will share your art with us !!

    1. Thanks honey I will I am sure when I have done something news worthy 🙂

      OH how I loved the the BIG D 🙂 so many hours in your state trucking and all those cute cowboys and oil men 🙂 Send some of your warmth my way and if I could delight all in the west you know I would have SHARED 🙂

  6. This winter may be postcard pretty , as many of your pics show. However, it’s cramping my style! “lol” 😉 Take care, especially when shoveling! Hugs!

    1. OMG I hurt so bad it is why I am huddled at the computer 2 hours shoveling yesterday and 3 hours on the roof first thing this morning no falls this time bu hurt all over man it sucks to be old and injured never min over weight thank Go the roof holds me 🙂 OUCH hurts to laugh even you stay safe up there Our snow banks are so tall you would not gets too many building shots out this way 🙂

      1. “lol” 🙂
        But seriously, I feel your pain! The treacherous ice hiding under the snow is my nemesis.
        My new best friend … SALONPAS. (Honest I don’t work for them) 😉
        They are patches with all natural ingredients.
        I get the small size patch. I find the large ones hard to manage. I buy the 40 packs.
        My hubby is in chronic pain. He is finally admitting they help!
        Trick is to line them up along the path of pain.
        IE : If the pain is the worst in my hip, I put one or 2 there. Then I put one on every pain point going down my leg right to my ankle.
        On my hubby, I put one on each shoulder side of his neck. then one on each bicep, one above each elbow, one below each elbow.
        I’m going into so much detail because you may have tried them, and they didn’t work very well.
        However, I find that deploying an army along the pain route is what is needed.

        Whew! If you haven’t given them a go, please try.
        HUGS – Resa

      2. Thanks honey actually I just saw a commercial for them! I have narcotic ones but with surgery looming as soon as this F5378ng winter is over they will repair my bicep I trashed just praying not to fall as it is packed ice here too and now they say more snow 3 or 4 inches Tuesday then rain and the 40’s WTH 😦 I will be floating ground frozen so it can not suck up rain I will be so glad to place this global warming behind me 🙂 I NEED THE BEACH! I will tell my honey you guys get relief as we are hurting bad and I can not have anything in my system when they put me under which will be awhile since it is my call and I do not want him doing this huge place by himself HUGS

      3. OMG! Surgery sucks! However, it can do the trick.

        I know what you mean about the beach. Your entire body is caressed!
        This is a helluva winter! The SALONPAS are cheap, so worth a try.
        I turned the girls at work on to them. Now I have to hide my stash or they get pilfered! “LOL”

      4. LOL Thanks I told him to get me some I do not want to go beg for another shot so I can shovel 😦

      1. We do the yard which is huge then rest a day and climb on the roof got real old this winter 😦 Glad you can rest now. Spring and warmth by the weekend 🙂 We have a dirt driveway still with ice but soon to be MUD 🙂

    1. 🙂 I just saw the weather for next weeks 50’s in daytime and 30’s at night there will be no floods thankfully 🙂

    1. Right back at you Bette XO
      We have flooding 😦 My surgery is Tuesday do not know how I can help pull debris from the river 🙂

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