It Snowed!

No I did not take photos yet after shoveling for seven hours in 24 hour period I was too tired to snap a photo really that tired and I fell again.  I told him to return my boot cleats he had bought me as I usually am very steady sadly yesterday I was not!  I am OK bad bruise that will heal in time I have enough going on never mind see another doctor.

So today I will share some more shots from our day before the storm at the coast.  We went for a long walk to see the seals and snowy owls maybe an eagle or two.  Mostly seals and gulls as it was cold and windy and I knew I would need my strength for the storm clearing so we were only outside for two hours in it but JT had a great time with me as I did her then we watched her daddy look for treasure.  Oh I did change my photo on all my sites to the same photo except for my Friends of Living and Loving Facebook page so no longer will you see a shot of him bent over digging treasure but he is.
So here are a few shots of JT and maybe a landscape or two sorry if photos are too large and take forever to load I will work on that next time I upload. I need the largest format to sell and do not want 3, 4, or 5 of the same photos in my computer all in different sizes I am computer illiterate
so I do things the easiest way I can to find the photo I want to share with you and just click on insert photo.

Seeing him digging down on the beach thinking she would take me there silly girl she is fearless.

She had never paid attention to the seawall but on this cold day feeling no pain she jumped up on her own and wanted to walk it.  Seems as she gets older I may have to watch her more.


A pretty place to sit  and watch  a sunset and a group of very loud seals

back to the truck to wait for the sunset and go home and await the storm good thing they brought dinner for the gulls

Can not wait till I get back to the sea

Winters we have the place to ourselves brrrrrrrr

18 thoughts on “It Snowed!

  1. Sometimes I like going down to the beach in winter, when it’s quiet and I’m all rugged up, now I would like to be there as we reach our 40 deg 😦 lovely shots honey and hugs to JT.

    1. Thanks I will pass your hug to her and yes warm beaches are great with all the people and fun but I just adore a walk along the shore with no foot prints besides our own 🙂 Hugs

    1. Yes with each passing storm brother’s condo is looking better and better but then it will be spring and I will be all set till the following Dec. 🙂 Can you say SNOWBIRD 🙂

    1. LOL yes but someone once told me I can’t have it all I think they were right 🙂 I come here in the summer but so many people it is crazy and never shots like I get in winter 🙂 JT is not allowed after something like April 15th or May 1 st

    1. 🙂 It always is. He went up onto the roof today as I tidied up the place with snow thrower I love going up there the yard is too much for me to do by hand now 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda I am OK I am tough lol the bus didn’t kill me 🙂 My honey did the roof yesterday and I made home cooked meals.

    1. No shoulder surgery is on hold till I am done shoveling 🙂 Skin cancer doctor on Tuesday 😦 Been busy with winter and the seashore 🙂

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