JT Doesn’t seem To Mind The Cold

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JT Doesn't seem To Mind The Cold

Wanting me to throw her stick for the 50th time
I do adore a happy dog

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4 thoughts on “JT Doesn’t seem To Mind The Cold

    1. Yes lol I do tell her ENOUGH and for her to go play LIKE A DOG 🙂 while at the beach I kick a stick in the winter too windy for Frisbee and her teeth get too cold with snow and sand all over it but I do have her hand it to me and I put it in my pocket and we WALK and she SMELLS only now I pay attention when she is stopping 🙂 I hugged her from you HUGS

    1. Hope someday the two of you get to meet 🙂 I must head south to your state to see my Aunt and Uncle 🙂

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