Sixteen and feeling loved

I was in high school as my sixteenth birthday arrived.

  I was enrolled in a program to become a secretary though the other choices for me were culinary arts, technical illustrating and electronics.  I had made my choice and began to learn how to type and take shorthand, both of which I loved.

Mom and Dad had gone out and bought me a beautiful, electric typewriter, for my Sweet Sixteen birthday gift.  We did not have money for expensive things like that and I felt so loved to see they had got me something  I could use while doing my homework.

  Now the day got even better as we had a cake my Mom made and since  she was a baker and fantastic cake decorator it was not only gorgeous but delicious too!  When all the hugs and kisses were done with Dad handed me a small box.  I could see by the look on my Mom’s face this would also be a surprise for her as well.  I kissed Daddy and said thank you as I began to open this “extra” present.  It was a gorgeous watch, white gold in fact with diamonds inside or something like that.  Not sure how Mom felt but Dad was so happy to see how much I loved the watch. He said I was growing up and would need one to be home for curfew.  I loved my Dad! 
My sixteenth birthday was  AWESOME!

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    1. Thanks so much it all came back to me as soon as I saw the prompt still have that watch in it’s original box Dad knew I took care of my things. My brothers destroyed the typewriter when I moved out without taking all of my things 😦

  1. What a lovely memory! Did you become a secretary? That was my first job when I left school at sixteen! Funnily enough, my daughter turns sixteen in March and I have no idea what to get her. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. I graduated from the Secretarial Sciences and was so excited to go out at 18 and begin my life of typing and answering phones and shorthand I could not wait! I landed the first job I applied for and started at $1.75 an hour. On my 3rd day I asked the top girl how much I could make working for the company and he answer floored me after five years she made $5.00 per hour. I saw it as a no where job as I made that babysitting two cute little girls 😦 so I asked for my check and left called my Mom to get me and I went and applied to a Plastic Factory instantly I made over a $1.00 more per hour………….I must tell a story about that so no after four years of school for being a secretary I never was again except I ran my own trucking company which there is a lot of daily paperwork that needs to be done WHO KNEW 🙂 I think as her birthday rolls around what she would love is something special something she can use for years to come and will always remember the Sweet Sixteen gift from you. What does she like to do? Art, reading, writing or sports? Soon she will be on her own I wish you luck on getting her just that little something she will also adore.

      1. I’m glad you had the courage to up and leave your first job. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you worked so hard and thought that’s what you wanted to do in life. At least it came in useful later – I think secretarial skills are a great asset to have in life, especially if you are running a household or business. I feel so organised with my paperwork, and I’m always the one fixing the printer!

        As for my daughter, that’s good advice. I will wrack my brain now for something special, I have a few weeks… Have a great day! Cath

      2. Funny how we take turns, exits and one way streets and can still come out just where you were meant to be. I agree each and every skill I have learned has helped me down each path I turned on and for that I am grateful I was young and said THIS IS A NO WHERE POSITION 🙂

        I drove my own rig and in 10 years made a Million I never want to work that hard again but a little extra money would be nice.

        I wish you well as you shop for her special birthday for me it was 13, 16 and 18 and only tears I shed before a birthday was when I turned 30 and an old lady 🙂 Who knew life could be so good from that point on. 🙂 Have a great week!

      3. Man I thought the world would truly end at 30 🙂 Boy was I wrong what a blast I had from that point on 🙂 I am trying to live each day with a smile on my face even if there is pain seems to help with all that positivity 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week as well

    1. Yes a watch and a dime for me to CALL HIM! 🙂 I was his only girl so I was watched like a HAWK! lol

      1. Yes though days I would have loved for him to just let me learn on my own and be less protective but now that he is gone he will forever look over me.

  2. Nice one Eunice, I had a pair of silk stockings for my l6th, you know with the seam down the back. I felt so good wearing them. Your dad was a wise man buying you the watch .No excuses for being late home from that dance or party whichever you went to. Sharing your stories is wonderful as it also brings back memories for us all. Thank you.

    1. I too remember one Easter getting stockings like that garter belt and all Dad was not too impressed to see this wild blonde wearing them so yes I guess we can trigger memories to come poring out XO Funny usually Dad did not want me out of their sight 🙂 now at 57 I fully understand why 🙂

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