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Hi Everyone!

Sorry so many posts lately, as I post too my Custom Pieces blog I also re-blog here and over on 20 Lines D Day.

Want to keep you up with what I am doing to get through the winter months.  Photography and Jewelry making and selling them as well.

I had to go see the skin doctor yesterday for my shot  and I really thought I would be in and out.  Stupidly I asked a question of her “What’s This?”  she precedes to tell me we will know for sure when the results come back on the procedure she is about to do. HUH ?  Me the SUN LOVIN GIRL?  I will not stress and I will start to behave.  I am just a few years from 60, YIKES did I say that!  I am so NOT 60 LIKE 🙂 That used to be so OLD!!! !  Wait so many of you who I adore are also over 50 so maybe I AM, damn how did that happen  lol so yes I am going to continue to have FUN!

After we left we headed towards the sea I always feel better when I can walk and breath in the smells from the salty air.  I felt it was right to go there as it is where all the sun damage came from.

I hooked JT to her pretty leash and  put a camera into my pants pocket and one around my neck just incase.  I know, I am laughing too, when don’t I not put it up to my eye.

Her and I could not legally go onto the beach here with her Daddy,  you know the rule breaker I am,  well today I was not going to push that envelope.  Be good Eunice.  So off we went for our walk along the coastal route even though darkness was close I had light colors on so we should be safe though an awful lot of drunk drivers take this road so I was extra careful to keep a watchful eye on my little black pup.   I had said to him maybe I will see the sunset and he laughed and said it is already almost done,  you won’t see anything except maybe the moon if we stay late enough.  Doubting Thomas he is!  See I know this world I live in and yes had I been at my regular spot it may have been better in some way but again I was on a beach I spent every day on in my 20’s where sunburns, really bad ones, were this norm for this blonde, blue eyed girl.

As we started out JT found a stick for me to kick for her to scamper after and pick up and give for me to throw again and again or she would drop it up ahead and I would kick and she would chase on her long leash, yes I held it with my good side.  Left shoulder too trashed and painful to chance it.  So up along the Mansions we went, very few with signs of life in them as it is winter and if you are rich why would you stay.

Well since he said the sun had done it’s thing I was surprised to see how pretty it actually was here along the east coast where she rose less than 12 hours prior.  Let me show you!


That box you see off in the distance on the right side of photo is not for birds it is an alarm in case the Nuclear Plant down the street fails then these alarms which are all over the area, will go off letting the residents run for their cars and make a run for a safer place not that I think it will really matter if a Nuke Plant has a failure.  None of us will ever be safe.

These are out of order as you can see two different cameras as well this was the start of the walk with JT

This was why he said I was too late and that is him heading out onto the beach.

A view out to sea that we saw as we climbed the hill on our walk.

So much better in person I really wish I had taken some classes on how to take pretty photos as the light disappears.


Yes you can clearly see it is cold in New England.

I loved the color this turned as the light from the setting sun set the scene.


Just a stunning way to end a day or in my case as the sun comes up or hangs around all day or it sets I love this gorgeous Sun we have to make our life feel so much better, yes I swear  it is where I get my Sunny Outlook on LIFE!


31 thoughts on “A pretty way to end a day

    1. Thanks I was not happy with them as it was amazing in person but I wanted to share our evening by the sea with you all Thanks so much Linda 🙂

  1. I too love the shore. They say it’s something to do with the negative and positive ions that make you feel so good. Lovely photos Eunice – as always. And Lucky JT to have such a place to run.

    1. Thanks! I never knew that about the shore Thanks! Now I can cover up to protect what is left of my skin 🙂

      JT is a very lucky girl to be sure!

      1. 🙂 No I try to keep both feet on the ground but I do adore trips out there and up into the National forests in the 3 states up here 🙂 I love camping when it is cold.

  2. Lovely sunset photos, Eunice… and at 50 something, you are just a kid. For contrast my next blog will be featuring tropical sunsets from Puerto Vallarta. 🙂 –Curt

    1. 😦 Tropical anything right now will be gorgeous yes I guess I feel like a kid some days maybe early senility 🙂

  3. Your photos are just breathtaking!! I`m not fond of shoveling either, driving on slippery roads but boy are the sights gorgeous!! By the way, 60 something isn`t so bad, it`s just a number…I`ll be turning 62 in March and NO, I can`t believe it.

    1. Thanks so much I will be 58 in March lol Thanks for the compliments on photos I am trying to capture the world around me 🙂 I used to drive a semi in the nasty winter months but that was work I paid someone to make it go away 🙂

      1. LOL I wish I was sailing away no I was standing on a snowy beach in New England. March 5!

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