Shaking Off The Cold

Shaking Off The Cold

New England Gull on a frozen granite wall along the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire.

18 thoughts on “Shaking Off The Cold

    1. Trying not to loose it permanently on the frozen ice he was resting on and posing for me 🙂

    1. OMG all day I spent uploading all of my jewelry on my Facebook Artist Page lol Folsom Mill Studio my friends will hate me 🙂 or buy something 🙂

    1. Thanks1 The weather here has been crazy and it is only 2nd week of January now massive flooding and ice jams 😦 No matter the weather I see some swimming in the sea they are tough birds

  1. I think his toes must be cold! It’s amazing how the birds and other creatures manage to get through such cold spells.

    1. Some sadly don’t but on this day all I saw was beauty and cuteness 🙂 Thankfully/There is so much homelessness in America and a flu epidemic who knows what this winter of 2013/2014 will hold for us. Makes me more grateful each day for what I do have 🙂

    1. I wish I took stuff to help them out but then I think by looking at them that they have it under control 🙂

      It was so cold 20 below in fact that it was insane to see them out in the wind 😦

      1. Yes they truly are. Can you imagine how smelly the beached would be if we did not have them 🙂 Low tide is bad enough 🙂

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