I am counting the days……….

I am counting the days till I see the sea, once again.

I am tired of this frozen and icy landscape,  though beauty can also be found here.

You see we have had but  just over thirty inches of the fluffy, white powder type snow.

Nothing to complain about as some received four feet in just over a day. The problem is

we had rain, lots and lots of rain, on top of that pretty powder covered landscape.  Now it is frozen

with temperatures still not as bad as some but when you are poor like many are -20 or -60 is COLD.

We are safe as he bought us some cleats to walk around this place on but you know there is one

really dry, perfect place, THE ROOF!

Not a drop of snow to be had up there!


We have had our rest and it is a good thing as from what I hear come Saturday it will feel like

SPRING!  We will see the sun and she will do her thing.  She will melt the ice that covers this place

and before nightfall freeze up all over again.  We won’t really care as we will be over by the sea.

I will have that pretty little JT with me and her favorite toy.  We will look for treasure on the beach

and in the lens.  I fear we shall not have the place to ourselves,  as we do on a nasty day but to hear

joy coming from everyone there,  it will be all I need to get me through another month, wait will this

be our January Thaw?  OK I won’t get greedy,  I will just enjoy the day and you know when I come

home I will have many photos to look back on and pick ones to share with you.  So I hope you are up

for a beach day like us.  Usually our weather comes from the west so if we are going to be warm my

wish is that you all will be as well.  If you do see the sun go out and bask in it even if you think you

will look crazy as maybe we are by now,  have you heard of Cabin Fever?

Looking forward to pretty photos from you all as you get out side once again without fear of frostbite

if only for a day or two.  I know it is winter but seriously I heard something about global warming,

my body says they are NUTS!  I won’t even talk about that VORTEX!  Really?  This is winter as I

knew it, as a child.

OK here is some random photos from the yard maybe the next ones will show the snow GONE!

JT in front yard before the freezing rains arrived



My neighbors are truly buried and to make things worse the deer who are so hungry are looking for anything to nibble on. Tracks all over the beautiful old stones as they leave this area and head down to us and the river.


Have a great night and a beautiful weekend.  Hope you get a little warmer.



16 thoughts on “I am counting the days……….

  1. It is pretty in the snow there, especially all the tall evergreens. We too are getting the rain this weekend. I am surprised you are anxious for Spring with all that nature around you. Wildlife is more abundant in the snow, much to see.

  2. I cannot imagine temperatures as low as that I grizzle when we manage to get to 3 – but a ‘-‘ oh dear no – no way not for this sun lover. Beautiful shots, hope the deer find some food..keep rugged up E 🙂 xx

    1. 🙂

      Only way to live in New England be it human or animal is to toughen up 🙂

  3. Raining here in Southern Oregon, which is good since we have been suffering the dame drought Cindy is talking about. Stay warm and have fun on the beach. –Curt

    1. Awesome let the gentle rains fall all over you who need it so badly we I hear will also see rain on Sat. but I have to get out with my crew and explore so damn the rains 🙂 and let the warmth roll in! Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful photographs of the snow laden land – our coldest temps of the year have finally broken and we are on a warming trend again. Just think of how wonderful it will feel when you feel 40’s, 50’s and 60’s again – warmer temps will find you again.

    1. I say bring it on! lol I can endure till Mid March then it gets crazy if there is too much snow to get all the work done here. I am looking at surgery in end of March if weather is looking better so I can be ready to get my gardens ready even with one arm 🙂

      Thanks for comment on snow it is all good till you fall and hurt yourself so we are very careful 🙂

  5. Eunice, this post has the feeling of peace all through it. It is particularly lovely. And thank you by the way my friend for reblogging my Colors of Winter. You are truly kind.

    1. Thanks and You are welcome I love re-blogging things I love or can help others I am trying to keep up better now though today as cold as it was I hit with beach with my crew now I am trying to stay awake and warm up the other two are already sound asleep but it was a glorious day! How was VA weather today?

    1. Will do and thanks so much today we walked the beach getting ready to add some photos 🙂

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