January Third In New England

I loaded the cameras charged batteries into each one and added them to the huge bag to keep them safe.

I put JT’s collar on her as I do each time we venture from the yard.

This time we climbed into the already warm truck as it was horrid out.

I needed to make a trip into Portsmouth area.  Newington actually was my first stop.

Have you heard about Habitat For Humanity I am sure you have, well they have a re-store there and as it goes to a good cause I thought I would start there for things I needed in the house.  Wow! I will be back and I hope enough people support them so it stays open for a very long time.  They had what I was looking for and even things I needed but had no idea till I got there so I did not come prepared with the measurements I would need.  See they sell windows and doors and lots of them for $5.00, $10 and $20 each!  I have a foggy plant/greenhouse type window beside my desk which is only good for light other than that it is useless after over 30+ years. It is time for a large window with screen or as my man suggested maybe we can make a door there and add a wooden porch just on the other side,  see I was not the only one who got excited here.  OH the possibilities!

He also found a small light weight snow thrower on wheels that we were promised worked great but to keep the receipt in case it didn’t. My Mom bought us one for the roof and though it is a Toro and it works nice to make paths for JT and the birds I would hate to leave it on the roof now this one he got is light and we can wrap in a small tarp and I bought a new Bright Green bungee cord to secure it to one of the 3 chimneys.  Actually 2 of them will never have smoke coming out of them and with coal stove still needing a plate before I use it safely you get the picture anywhere up there will work.  Yes there is snow up there again another 10 to 12 inches unless the wind blew it off.  It was 20 below last night and now at 9:30 AM it has climbed up top minus 5 F.

Now the one thing I went to this store to look for was a ceiling fan-light kit.  I figured as people remodel up here on the coast they would change those out too.  We found blades, and parts but not what I really wanted so as we headed out for him to by the snow tool he says “Look!”  There to my right was a shelf with eight complete fans.  Mine is 30 years old and seems to have been tightened as much as it can be and with these new bulbs we use when they get shaken they do not last long.  Well with so many to pick from I could not decide. So he did.  I paid for the fan and back out to the truck for JT who was waiting patiently and the truck was warm sitting in the sun. Now to gas up the truck as you see the prices were .08 cheaper per. gallon then 20 miles back home.

I was driving so I decided a detour of sorts would be nice after all I had not one camera but three!  We knew the beach had been battered at midnight and at noon as high tide arrived so I decided to take the scenic ride along the ocean so much for the savings at the gas pump.  JT loves the beach as much as us but I never told her we were going but her nose told her we were going someplace she loved. She was no longer laying across the rear seat she was sitting up and waiting!

As we got closer we saw the roads had been swamped with sea water as well as lots of rocks and boulders.  It had actually been closed for hours but now open I was still uncertain about continuing but with tide being now 3 hours before I forged onwards with a happy dog in the back seat with her head out the window.  Brrrr I did say it was horrid right.

I drove into the nasty slop as he cringed for his truck.  OH I heard him say “Now it will need to be washed.”  lol time to toughen up this Honda!

Now come the photos as you know I usually I try to add some eye candy to make up for the less than eloquent words.


The clouds in the distance are from the storm that raged through leaving friends with 20+ inches of snow and us with 10 to 12.
You can see that the sea is still churning and whipping the surf into a frothy scene.  Nice for photos but not nice to be out here.  JT was in awe over the simplest of things.  Her beach was covered with frozen sea water which she spent the 5 min. while I shot these images smelling.

I swear I do not know how these gulls do this with fast food joints just across the marsh.


Poor things left outside to bear the brunt of the most unbearable of weather.  I even saw some out riding on the waves and I thought my life was tough NOT!!!!

Here are a few more shots ,see if you can feel the cold day though one shot I added warmth too, can you tell which one?  All my shots are available now on cards and prints for your home and even on pillows and ties!






Trying to shake off the cold poor thing lousy photo as I was walking up to the car I was trying to capture them and not fall.





I was blustery and frigid but so worth the effort to make our way through the sloop of slushy sea water and rock that had come up and over onto our coastal route and washed more of our beautiful beaches away.

Now a photo of our place yesterday

I hope she will always enjoy what ever way we spend our day with her.  She will be eight on Mother’s Day and I want to always do things to see her filled with as much joy as she gives us.

Have a great weekend!

40 thoughts on “January Third In New England

  1. Great shots, and I can feel the cold. I think I’ll pass on the sub-zero weather. I had a basset hound once that went to Maine for a year while I wandered the world. Don’t know how that short haired dog survived but he seemed to thrive. –Curt

    1. LOL what do they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙂 I am sure that is what gets all of us here through 🙂 Maine is even worse than here. I bet he loved to see you when you came home 🙂

      1. Don’t you love when they show us the way to truly love. JT missed me like crazy and it was but for 11 days I can not imagine her ever loving me again 🙂

      1. Thank you so much – I miss living by the water and your photographs bring so many great memories. Cold and icy as it feels with the ocean in New England during winter, there is nothing like the gorgeous scenes of those seascapes. I’ll let you know when I’ve done one, could be a while but will give you full credit and a link to your wonderful blog.

      2. Thanks and I am glad you thought they were worthy of a try 🙂 can’t wait to see what you do with them 🙂

  2. Wow, it does look cold! I heard yesterday that Rockport Harbor is frozen almost half way out, and that means cold. I appreciate you sharing these photos.

  3. I love this post Eunice! I could feel the cold through your words and oh – the photos are superb! And I could feel JT’s joy and expectation and I could feel your happiness at finding some of the things you needed at Habitat. Stay warm and happy and let us know how the snow blower and the fan work. 🙂

    1. Fan is up and AWESOME! He took the one he bought yesterday, onto the roof this afternoon he loved it but said his legs are junk on icy stuff he did not know how I could stand being up there 🙂 I told him the VIEWS 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 HUGS

  4. Your cold looks different from our cold here in the upper MidWest but dang…cold none the less. Great photos!!

    1. Thanks I know your kind of COLD raw winds I used to haul freight out of MN, WI, Iowa, the Dakotas so cold I could not shut the rig off or fuel would gel it was that cold here last night and we have a huge population of homeless in the northeast 😦

  5. What a great trip! I love that kind of shop that has loads of things you’ve been looking for for years and then at bargain prices too! Lovely photos – it looks really cold!

    1. Very cold 20 below zero with windchill last night it was dangerous makes me worry about our huge homeless population and the wildlife not right to have so many suffer 😦
      Yes the place was HUGE and all donated items that are re-sold to put people into homes of their own a Win Win as far as I can see 🙂 I asked if it were OK for poor people to shop there and she smiled and said EVERY SALE HELPS 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes we made a nice trip out of a cold day and found two things that will go to help others now to measure the window and door! Go for a walk before the STUFF COMES 🙂 Calling for rain/ice here in our ever changing landscape 🙂

    1. Yes now the yard is once again a skating rink. Many broken bones and pipes I fear 😦

  6. Beautiful post, and thanks for sharing all these lovely photos… displaying evidence that cold can be beautiful too. Cheers, Gina

      1. Have you on my prayer list, Eunice. I think winter is a good time for surgery for us New Englanders… Too much to do the rest of the year. Wishing you an excellent and speedy recovery! ❤

      2. Thanks he can not do this place alone do end of March will be good if weather has settled down 🙂 Thanks again!

      3. YOU too it will be near 50 at the beach if you are looking to thaw out 🙂 I know I am

    1. 🙂 Man it has to be horrible up there if it is NUTS here 🙂 stay safe it will truly be beach weather Sat! in the mid 40’s YIPPEE!!!!!

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