Daily Prompt: Progress, ………..Here I hope!

The Daily Prompt asks the question:  2015 arrives a year from now what would I like to see as I look back upon this years blogs?

I am hoping for even more wonderful things to share with you.

Growth within me to strike out on yet another new adventure.  You will be the first to hear all the GOOD STUFF!

I am upbeat and headed in the right direction,  I can feel it.

  I am excited to have this new year begin so when I get to 2015 I hope I can look back at my posts and feel it all played out and if there are some falls along the way it will be alright because if  I am in 2015 looking back at 2014,  it will mean I made it! 

Have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Progress, ………..Here I hope!

    1. 🙂 Shovel, snow throw and rest brrrr will be 30 degrees below all night with windchill we got another 15″ of snow and it is blowing I went out to clear one section for the small birds to eat and 3 hours later he peeled my frozen fingers from the throttle 🙂

  1. A good outlook Eunice. I never did the WP Daily Prompt because it is too restrictive and I like finding my own inspiration as I think you do as well. I am sure you will inspire others along your blogging way. Happy 2014 and hope you meet your goals.

    1. Thanks in between shoveling I hope I can keep up 🙂 Did you get buried we have 24″ on our battered coastline tons of flooding to happen at 10 till 1 PM all my favorite beaches will once again be trashed. I went out to shovel and clear a spot to scatter seed for ground feeders and then I used the power shovel and then the big guns all before daybreak so they would not miss a meal he had to come pry my frozen body from the controls 😦 I will have the fattest Juncos around 🙂

  2. Hey Eunice! Look who’s visiting! I read your post and couldn’t wait to get a minute to say how much I loved it. You are such an amazing person – I’m glad you’ve found a community in wordpress.
    You deserve all good things. And yes, I wish we could all get together. How cool would that be?
    hugs to you-

    1. Hi!! Thanks for coming by are you still writing? I never get you in my feedly links 😦 let me know addresses again so I can try to add you I need a new computer or none at all 🙂

      I hop[e to see you in spring!

    1. 🙂 I am very positive since going away last March I see a great change within FINALLY 🙂 Eat Pray and Love no wonder it was such a success 🙂

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